Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)         I love having lots of reminders of desert and beach scenes in my house to keep it forever summer and to lift my mood during the bleak winter months. While the bulk of the vibes usually come from plants or prints of cacti and sandy beaches throughout the house, I thought it would be fun to add some California cool to the pillow department as well! We partnered with our great friends at Canon USA to create a fun downloadable template, and since Elsie's been to Palm Springs many times (lucky girl!), I asked her for one of her trip photos to turn into a cute throw pillow for the couch.

Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       Supplies:
-Canon PIXMA MG7720
-iron-on transfer sheets
-white cotton fabric
-piping for edges (I got the gold piping from Hobby Lobby)
-fabric scissors
-straight pins
-sewing machine
-pillow stuffing
-Palm Springs photo template (part one and part two) Right click to download.

Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       I used my Canon PIXMA MG7720 for this project. It does a great job of pulling out all the colors, even when using different paper types like this transfer paper. When you're making a decorative item for the house, you don't want to miss any of the details of your image!

Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       Once your templates are printed, cut out your two sides with a small border around the photo edge.

Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       Follow the iron-on instructions to adhere the photo sheets to your white fabric. Allow the decals to cool completely and then peel off the backing layer. Place the two decals facing each other and hold the two layers up to a window so you can see through them to line them up exactly on top of each other. Pin together and also mark with a pencil on the line down the middle line so you can see where to sew when you take the fabric off the window. Use your sewing machine to sew the halves together just inside of that line, trim 1/2" around the photo edges, and iron the middle seam flat on the back of the circle (don't use the steam setting on the iron). Once your photo circle is together, pin your piping all the way around the front edge of the circle with the rope part of the piping hanging over onto the photo portion of the fabric. Use a zipper foot to sew up to the edge of the piping all the way around the circle.

Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       Use your photo circle to trace and cut another circle of plain fabric (this will be the back of your pillow) and cut a long strip of fabric that is 3 1/2" wide and 1" inch longer than the circumference of your photo circle (this strip will be the side of your pillow). Fold your long strip in half and sew across the cut ends 1/2" from the edge to create a loop of fabric that's the same circumference as your photo circle. With the seam on the outside, match up and pin the fabric loop all the way around the edges of your photo circle and use the zipper foot again to sew them together just outside of the piping so that the piping shows between the two fabrics when turned right-side-out later. Repeat the process of adding and sewing your piping around the edge of the back circle and then pin that circle (right side facing inward) to the back of your side fabric loop. Repeat the process of sewing them together up to the outside edge of the piping but make sure to leave a 3-4" gap where you can turn the pillow right-side-out and stuff the pillow later.

Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       Once all your sides are attached, carefully turn your pillow right-side-out and stuff to your desired density with pillow stuffing. Use some fabric glue or a hidden stitch to close up your stuffing gap, and your pillow is done!

Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       Palm Springs Photo Pillow DIY (click through for tutorial)       What a cute pillow! And every time I see that iconic pink door with the two giant agave, well, it just kills me dead (#housegoals). The round shape and piping also add a special detail which give it a custom look as well. If Palm Springs isn't your ideal location, you can totally do this project with another photo of your trip to the mountains or whatever place you love to visit (hmm, maybe I should make a Paris pillow too then...). Have fun sewing! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

Galaxy Nails DIY  Hello, friends! Todays mani DIY is so easy and looks incredibly beautiful. I love the galaxy effect and how intricate it turned out despite being a few simple steps. Mesmerizing! Here's all you need to get started.

-black polish
-Royal Blue, Plum, White and Silver Sparkle acrylic paint
-top coat
-makeup sponge

Galaxy NailsGalaxy Nails DIY Step One: Apply 1-2 coats of black polish to your nails and let dry.

Step Two: Pour out a little bit of each of your acrylic colors on a plate. Taking a makeup sponge, start with the white and lightly sponge on a bit of white. Follow up with a little bit of the royal blue and purple. Play around with the sponging until you like the look. To add more dimension, add just a tiny bit of white over the top with your sponge. Make sure you leave some of the black polish showing around your nails for added depth. Finally, take a little bit of the silver sparkle—I love the ones from the Martha Stewart line. I know it's tempting, but just add a teeny tiny amount of sparkle. It ends up taking away from the look too much if it's too sparkly. 

Galaxy Nails   Galaxy Nails  Galaxy Nails    Galaxy Nails      Step Three: Using a toothpick, add little dots on your nails to represent stars. I even made a slightly bigger star on each by drawing a tiny cross with the toothpick.

Galaxy Nails       Galaxy Nails         Galaxy Nails          Step Four: Seal the deal with a top coat. This brings everything together and gives a nice shine to the look. Don't forget this step. Makes a huge difference in the final look and keeps your mani from chipping. :)

Galaxy Nails DIYGalaxy Nails
A perfect way to impress your friends at your next girls' night. ;) So fun to wear during Halloween time too with the dark colors. Enjoy! Lots of love, Sav

Credits//Author: Savannah Wallace. Photography: Isabel Jones. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions

Evil Eye CocktailHey, friends!! The other day I got obsessed with the idea of making vanilla pudding ICE CUBES, and I'm so excited that it actually worked. This turned out to be basically a Bailey's with a pudding pop cube in it that looks like a creepy eyeball. I'd call that a win! 

If you're a Halloween freak like me, you'll have to try it this weekend! Here's how it's made!

Evil Eye pudding ice cubesOne: Most importantly, you need to freeze each layer one at a time. This is essential for getting a nice, clean shape. If you try to freeze all the layers in one step, the green and white will bleed together and the licorice may not hold its place. First, take a piece of black licorice, get it wet and stick it to the bottom of the circle ice cube mold. Stick it in the freezer until it's frozen (even just 20 minutes will do the trick on this step). Next, in a separate bowl, mix some green food dye with vanilla pudding. Spoon it into the mold right on top of the black licorice piece. If your circle isn't perfect, use a paper towel to clean it up. Then freeze the green pudding.

Two: After the green pudding is completely frozen, fill the rest of the mold with vanilla pudding. You can do the first half with just pudding. But for the second half, since you have to funnel it into that tiny hole, you'll need to water the pudding down. Mix 1 part pudding and 1 part milk (any kind of milk, I actually used half and half since that's what I had on hand). Shake it in a cocktail shaker or use a whisk to combine the pudding and milk. Then it should be thin enough to pour into the closed circle mold through the top. Then close off the top and freeze the cube (I froze mine overnight).

Three and Four: I like these clear ice cube molds because you can see that the lines are straight and that there are no bubbles.

Five: When you go to remove the cubes, they can be hard to remove, so use a little cool water as needed.

Six: LOOK HOW CUTE! Once you've completed the cubes, the hard part is over. Just pour in some Bailey's or Kahlua and serve! 

Evil Eye Cocktail So fun, right?? 

Evil Eye Cocktail  A simple and sweet cocktail for all my witches! Love you guys! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

Stranger Things halloween costumesHey, friends! Just thought I'd pop in and share my Halloween costume this year, along with some other fun stuff just for kicks. :) So, Trey and I both got obsessed and binge watched Stranger Things earlier this year. I LOVED that season. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. Initially I thought it looked a bit too scary for me (I know, I'm lame), but it turned out to be the perfect blend of sci-fi, spooky, movies-from-the-80s-starring-kids kind of thing, and we both just loved it. Can't wait for the next season, although I hear it's going to be totally different. 

Stranger Things halloween costumes  Anyway, pretty much as soon as the season ended, I knew I wanted to be characters from the show for Halloween this year. I love that Halloween is kind of the perfect excuse to be a mega-fan if just for a night. I was able to find the majority of our costumes from one afternoon of thrifting. I also got a pink shift from the Studio DIY costume shop—did you guys see Kelly's costumes and shop this year?!?! EPIC. I have been eagerly awaiting getting mine in the mail since I saw the shop launch. I also love that I can wear the dress again, sans the rest of the outfit. Even though I was able to thrift most of our costumes, I still wanted to share some sources online in case any of you need some inspo as you finish throwing together your costumes this week. And then my list grew into a kind of wish list meets gift guide because there is SO much cute Stranger Things merch out there! I had no idea. Some of this is making it onto my Christmas list for sure. 

Stranger Things costume and gift guide1. Walkie Talkies so you can check in on your friends when you're ten and it's 1989.
2. Hat, in case you can't find a good Eleven wig (I struggled with that!)
3. D&D, anyone?
4. Cute little pink shift I'll be wearing again for sure.
5. Whoa, the music comes on vinyl?!
6. Shoes that work for boys or for girls. :)
7. Who doesn't love Eggo waffles?
8. I could not agree more with this mug. Adding to my Christmas list now.
9. Blue jacket. Goes great with pink dresses.
10. A backpack (similar here!) big enough for all your adventure and monster hunting gear. 

Stranger Things halloween costumes Whether you are using the season as an excuse to geek out about a new favorite show (raises hand high) or not, I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween this year! And if you need more help channeling your inner Eleven, check out Keiko's costume. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Claire Shaffer & Emma Chapman. Products image sources linked. 


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