DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess    I'm really excited to share today's post! The last time I shared photos of our bedroom it looked pretty rough, but these past few months, we've made a lot of progress. We decided to commit to a low-key, light, neutral vibe for the bedroom. Everything revolves around good sleep and positive vibes in this space. But I still want to decorate it in an interesting way using lots of texture!

While I was considering different options for an art piece above our bed, I originally wanted to do a big glittery heart marquee. But then, I was flipping through one of my Jonathan Adler books, and I saw this amazing tassel art!

InspirationIsn't it amazing?!

Next thing I knew, I was at the craft store buying tons of pretty yarn to make SO. MANY. TASSELS. 

Measure your spaceThe best thing about DIY art is that it can be customized to fit your space EXACTLY. I used some painter's tape to visually mark off how large I wanted it to be, then I just measured that space before I went shopping for supplies. It can be as small or as large as you want. 

Supplies NeededSupplies:
-wooden dowel rod a few inches larger than your desired width
-medium weight and super chunky yarn (How much you need is VERY much dependent on the size and how much you want to cover in tassels. I had to go back to the store for more! I think I used two of the chunky yarn and about six of the medium weight yarn)
-latch hook mat 
-sturdy neutral string to hang it (My yarn wasn't strong enough to hold the weight.) 

Step 1 make tasselsStep One: Make A LOT of tassels. After I had a few, I used them to try to estimate how many I would need, but I still had to make more later. I used about 70 tassels, each about 4 inches long. If you've never made tassels before (don't worry it's super easy), you can learn how here

It's up to you if you want them to be extremely uniform or more random/natural. I actually used two different types of yarn for mine (but pretty similar), and they came out a little bit more random due to that. 

The tassels are time consuming, but I found them to be a good project to do while I was watching TV (Laura helped me do some too while she was watching TV one night!). It's pretty mindless and kind of fun! 

Step 2 attach tassels Step 3 begin filling mesh Step Two: Cut the latch hook mat down to your measurements. Attach the tassels to the latch hook mat. I just tied them on with more yarn. 

Originally I intended to fill the entire piece with tassels. But halfway through I realized I really wanted to use this chunky yarn I had bought and that I could possibly just poke it through the latch hook mat to create something reminiscent of a weaving. Basically a no-weaving-skills weaving. Fun! 

Step Three: Use you fingers or a latch hook tool to poke pieces of the chunky yarn through the holes. Since my yarn was very thick, I skipped about every other hole. I just kind of poked it through in sections until it looked full, and if a spot looked sparse, I went back and added more. 

Step 3 filling meshThis is what it looks like as you're filling the mesh. It doesn't have to be perfect... just eyeball it! 

Step 4 pose with your fiber art in the dorkiest way possible Step Four: The final thing I did was hang my weaving and fill in any spots that looked a little sparse (both with more chunky yarn and more tassels). Then I trimmed my tassels just a little bit (getting those REALLY long stray pieces), but left them pretty random and natural. 

Step Five: Pose as absolutely awkwardly as you POSSIBLY can. (I think I nailed this step!) WOOHOO! I MADE A DIY! 

HangingHang it up and give yourself a GIANT pat on the back! Haha! There's something so satisfying about making something you really love for your home. 

DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess     DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess     DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess     DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess     DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess     DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess     DIY Fiber Art via A Beautiful Mess     Have an amazing day, you guys!!! Love, Elsie + Suki too! 

ps. My supplies were around $100 with no sales, but since every craft store has these magical 40% off coupons and frequent yarn sales, I think you could easily cut that down to $60 or less... it also depends on the size! 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Elsie Larson and Jeremy Larson. Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Favorite podcastsShortly after I started working from home (alone all day!), I started to get quite obsessed with podcasts. I can't listen to anything while I write: emails, book content, blog content, etc. Same thing with reading. I've had lots of coworkers over the years who are the exact opposite. Maybe you are too? They want to listen to music or anything all day while they work. For me, I can only listen to something while I cook, photograph, edit photos, wash dishes, etc. And about 1/3 of my time during the week is devoted to work that falls into these categories. So, I listen to podcasts or music depending on how much I want to listen in or just be surrounded by inspiring music. 

Oh, and I also listen to podcasts or music while I work out. Which is usually for about 30 minutes, three times a week, or at least that's my goal as of late. I'd like to up this goal in the future, but for now that's about where I'm at. 

Anyway, maybe your podcast obsessed too? Or maybe you'd like to be, but you don't know what to listen to? Well, here are a few of the podcasts I'm currently enjoying. I've divided them up into categories as I tend to listen to a wide/weird range of things. :)

Educational / Business related

These are podcasts that I listen to, to learn. I usually like to be doing a task that allows me to jot down a few notes while I listen if possible. 

Smart Passive Income – I love Pat Flynn and the brand he's created through his site and podcasts. He's got a super friendly approach, but his podcast is also SUPER full of information. This is most useful for online entrepreneurs and business owners, but he's covered all sorts of subjects over the years so there's lots to choose from.

Elise Gets Crafty – I guess I'm a bit biased as I am friends with Elise and she has also been kind enough to invite me on her show before. But that said, this podcast is geared toward lots of different kinds of business owners and creative people who work in a similar industry that I'm in (blogging, online entrepreneur, crafty products, etc.). So I learn lots of little tidbits and often hear friends or people I'm somewhat familiar with on the show. 

Jess Lively – Similar to Elise's podcast, Jess has built an excellent show geared around online creative business owners and other entrepreneurs. Her brand is also, um, how do I describe it? Friendly and approachable everyday inspiration maybe? I find her to be very encouraging I guess is what I'm trying to say. :)

Financial Mentor – I forget where I first learned about Todd Tresidder, but I've been a fan for a while. His website and podcast are all about financial planning. Some topics are way over my head, but I love that Todd always does his best to break things down and try to make financial topics easier to understand. I've been interested in money management since high school when I read my first Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman books that I checked out from the public library. I'm always interested in learning more as personal finances are something we all have to deal with no matter what our income level, debt history is, etc. We're all on a financial journey even if the topic seems totally intimidating or boring, so it's important to try to continue to educate ourselves unless you're an expert (which I am NOT). 


These are podcasts that I listen to when I want to be inspired. Most of them do offer some information as well, but for the most part, these are what I listen to when I need a podcast pep talk. :) 

Magic Lessons – I started listening to Liz's podcast back when I was painting our house, just before we moved in. I downloaded her book, Big Magic, shortly after and really enjoyed that as well. This is a great podcast for anyone who loves creative activities and needs some inspiration to keep making!

Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Loved the book The Happiness Project and Gretchen's goal to always improving and making her life better. She's got an analytical approach that makes SO much sense to me and how my brain works. I mentioned that an episode of her podcast helped me crack the code on how to finally stop biting my nails, which I'm still sticking to so far! So yeah, maybe this podcast is life changing? I guess that's somewhat accurate for me to say. :) 

Girlboss Radio – Sophia Amoruso is one rad lady, and I love what she's created with the #Girlboss book, and now I guess it's kind of turning into its own brand. In each episode, she interviews someone cool, that's pretty much it. Simple concept, but the result is often pretty inspiring. 


I'm not saying I haven't "learned" anything from these podcasts, but I'm calling this category entertainment because that is the main reason I listen to these. These are usually what I turn to on days I feel like my brain can't process anymore information, or just because I want to. :)

Criminal – I started listening to this because I had seen it recommended for Serial lovers. Which I most definitely am. If you never listened to the first or second season of Serial, I would recommend that too, but it's fairly well known. So I didn't figure it needed to be on this list. After the first season of Serial, I also listened to Undisclosed. Anyway, that's a whole different topic and I've got to stop myself before I start going off about that, Making a Murderer, and even the new O.J. Simpson series. We can talk all that when we meet for coffee. :) Criminal is a series of short, usually around 15-30 minute episodes that center around some kind of, well, criminal activity. Some episodes are quite graphic and heavy, while others border on comical. If you're interested in true-crime stories, you'll probably like this podcast. 

WTF with Marc Maron – Honestly, this one is so famous it probably goes without saying, but I really love it. So I'm saying it anyway. :) I usually only listen to this with Trey, so mostly on road trips, as he's a fan of Marc too. Maron is SUCH a great interviewer. You've got to give it a listen if you haven't already. He even had the president on his show once. 

Limetown – Loved the first season of this, but I have't kept up with it since. I was just looking at their site to link it here, and I'm not sure they've released or are still doing a second season. Does anyone know? Leave it in the comments if you do. But I'd still recommend listening to the first season, as it's really fun in a sort of creepy, X-Files kind of way. 

That's about it for me. I'd LOOOOOVE it if you all have other recommendations if you'd leave them in the comments so I can check them out. I'm always looking for new podcasts to enjoy! xx. Emma

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)       I'm so excited to share today's post because it's SO DELICIOUS. I wish you could stick your hand through the computer and I could let you sample these three butters.... they're so good. And I can't believe how simple they were to make! 

We're teaming up with Vitamix, a brand we ADORE. I wanted to share these coconut and nut butter recipes because they're one of the many very useful (and $ saving) recipes you can make with your Vitamix. I was on the fence for years, wanting one but not ready to pull the trigger, and it's recipes like this that really make it a game changer! When you get the right blender, it can take the place of so many appliances. They even just launched a partnership with PayPal to make buying easier. Anyway, let's make some coconut and nut butter!

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)       Coconut Butter, makes 1 cup

Needed: 4 cups shredded or flaked unsweetened coconut

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe) How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)  Add the coconut to the blender (I'm using the Vitamix 5200 Standard in white). Start on a low setting and move up to a medium setting the blender can handle. After a few minutes, the coconut flakes should turn into a grainy pulp, but keep going (scraping the sides down as needed) until it turns into a smooth-looking consistency (there will still be small grains in the butter, but pretty smooth overall). Pour the butter into a jar for storage.

You don't need to refrigerate it, but you can if you want it to be a harder consistency. If it's too hard to spread, you can microwave it for a few seconds to warm it up. 

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)   Chocolate Peanut Butter, makes 2 cups

3 cups roasted salted peanuts
1 tablespoon oil (safflower is a good choice)
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)    Add the peanuts and oil to the blender and start to blend on low speed. Gradually increase the speed as high as your blender can handle while still mixing all the ingredients together. Blend until the peanuts are smooth, adding more oil if needed, and then add in the sugar and cocoa powder and blend until combined.

Add to a storage jar and refrigerate if you think it will take you more than a month or two to finish it (otherwise you don't really need to).

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)     Snickerdoodle Macadamia Butter, makes 2 cups

3 cups macadamia nuts
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
splash of oil

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)      Add the nuts and oil to the blender and start to blend on low speed. Gradually increase the speed as high as your blender can handle while still mixing all the ingredients together. Blend until the macadamia nuts are smooth, and then add in the sugar and cinnamon and blend until combined.

Add to a storage jar and refrigerate if you think it will take you more than a month or two to finish it (otherwise you don't really need to).

How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)        How to make nut and coconut butter (click through for recipe)        Add honey instead of sugar (or bakers sugar) if you don't like the grains of the sugar. I personally like the slightly grainy texture of the sugar. And remember, you do not have to sweeten these butters if you are avoiding sugar altogether. 

Yum! My personal favorite was the snickerdoodle butter, just because I've never had anything like it before! They are all really good though. If you have any questions about the Vitamix or about making nut or coconut butter, we're here to help. xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography and Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Pinewood SocialHey, friends! Today I'm excited to kick off a new series of MINI city guides! Almost every weekend I get messages from blog readers who are coming to Nashville for just 24 hours. I thought it would be fun to share collections of fun places to visit here and in other cities we love to travel to! 

Since you're OUR blog readers, I'm going to assume you also care about aesthetics, and so in addition to the food being delicious, all the places I will share with you are photogenic and unique! 

Pinewood Social
One of my top favorite places in Nashville! You can eat all three meals here, but we tend to go most often for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, they have one of the best kale salads in town and really great cocktails! They also have a Crema location inside, which is one of our favorite coffee shops and my favorite for almond milk lattes (I've tried them all... VERY scientific testing, you guys!). 

In addition, there is a super pretty bowling alley in the back part of the restaurant as well as a dipping pool for the summer. (For poolside cocktails – how cute is that?) Highly recommend it if it's your first trip to Nashville. 

Pinewood Social Nashville Here's a photo from last month when our friends came to visit! 

The Flipside The Flipside

This is a newer spot for us, but we love it more with every visit! The decor is absolutely adorable, and this spot is most known for their crazy Bloody Mary. 

The Flipside NashvilleIt's totally a meal in case you couldn't tell. 

The FlipsideI love this little spot. This time of year they leave their huge windows open, so it's basically a giant porch. It's on one of the cutest streets that's fun to walk around on the weekends. 

Five Daughters BakeryFive Daughters Bakery

Five Daughters has some of the best donuts I've ever tried in my life... cronuts actually! They are ridiculously good. Their location is so cute too! If you don't have time to visit the shop, they also serve them at Barista Parlor locations... it's one of our top Saturday morning rituals. 

This is super close to The Flipside, so you can do both at the same time. LeSel NashvilleLe Sel

Le Sel is by far the prettiest restaurant in Nashville... I mean PINK VELVET BOOTHS?! Laura and I think it's one of the very best spots for a fancy date night or celebration. They also have the best pommes frites! 

LeSelSo good, right??

I hope you enjoyed this first MINI city guide. I think the smaller format will help me be able to bring them to you much MUCH more frequently. I will definitely share more Nashville spots in the future as well – there are so many great spots that don't get nearly the attention they deserve AND new spots popping up all the time. 

Oh and if you'd like to see our past city guides, check out Nashville, New Orleans, Palm Springs and Brooklyn

xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. All photos taken with iPhone edited with A Color Story app

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)               I am totally into jewelry organization. All those small rings, earrings, and dainty necklaces need somewhere to go at the end of the day or they just disappear into the abyss never to be seen again. I've done a personalized epoxy jewelry box, made marbled ring dishes, and made a jewelry storage cabinet (with a mirror on the front), but I still haven't done an earring organizer. So I thought it would be fun to make a pyramid earring stand like I've seen in a few stores lately. It's basically like making a brass himmeli ornament except that it sits on a dresser rather than hanging in the air. Ready to make your own?

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)            Supplies:
-mini pipe cutter
-brass tubes (I used 3 packs of these)
-22 gage gold floral wire (I got mine at JoAnn's)
-wire cutters
-ruler and marker

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)Use the pipe cutter to cut your pipe into the following sizes: 6.5cm (x12), 15cm (x4), 10cm (x4), 5.5cm (x4). 

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Thread a long piece of wire through the four 15cm pieces and twist the wire ends together to make a square. Snip the wire ends about 1" short and  tuck the ends back into one of the pipes out of view. This will be the bottom of your pyramid.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)   Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)   Take another piece of wire and twist it around one of the corners of your base about 1" in from the end of your wire. String six of the 6.5cm pieces onto the wire and down over the end of the wire that you just twisted to keep it out of sight.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)     Attach the free end of the wire to the opposite corner of your pyramid base, twist it around, snip the end 1" short, and tuck the end back into a tube. This will be half of your vertical pyramid lines.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)       Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)        To make the other half, repeat the process on the other two corners with the remaining six 6.5cm tubes, but when stringing on the tubes, only put on three, wrap the wire around the middle of the other six tubes, and then add the last three to create the top peak of the pyramid. 

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)        Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)          To add the side structure pieces, wrap, snip, and tuck a wire end around one of the lower breaks in the vertical tubes. Add on one of the 10cm tubes to the wire, wrap the wire around the lower break on the vertical tube next to it and keep going with all four tubes until you can wrap, snip, and tuck the end once all four are attached.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)             Repeat the process with the 5.5cm tubes on the upper break in the vertical tubes, and your pyramid is done and ready for earrings!

NOTE: You may notice in the pictures that there is a thicker gold floral wire and a much thinner silver wire that was used. I did my first assembly with the thin silver wire thinking it would show less and be easier to bend, but it's SO easy to bend that the wires wouldn't even support the weight of the pyramid. So I switched to the thicker wire which works much better.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)                  Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)                  Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)                  I love when organization is pretty to look at and fits in with the rest of my decor and this gold pyramid does both in my space (and all those earring are from Forever 21 or H&M by the way). Actually, I love camels and just bought a camel ring holder that I think will be the perfect companion for the this earring pyramid, don't you think? Hope this project was a cute way to solve an organization problem for you too! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions


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