Bedtime routine organizer Getting five people groomed and out the door on time is no simple task whether you've got one tiny shared bathroom (our last rental) or three bathrooms on two floors (our current rental). It can be just as frustrating in the evenings when the kids can't remember which bathroom they left their favorite hairbrush in or why their toothpaste is missing AGAIN. I decided to take advantage of one of my favorite small space organization solutions and create some vertical storage in one of our central bathrooms to see if we could streamline our morning and evening routines and save everyone's sanity in the process. 

We're thrilled to be partnering with IKEA, one of our favorite affordable home goods stores, for this small space solution! They have so many well-designed home organization items for each room in your house, but sometimes the best solutions can come from unexpected places. As I was flipping through their website, I came across the SATSUMAS plant stand in the outdoor department and noticed the size and amount of pots included were perfect for storing each family member's personal hygiene essentials. Here are all the items I used to create this renter-friendly vertical storage solution: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Bedtime routine organizer     Not only did this unexpected storage solution show its usefulness in helping us keep all of our stuff in one visible location, it's also helped keep the bathroom countertops clutter free. An added bonus is it keeps everyone's stuff out of reach from our curious two-year-old who likes to test out all of the toothbrushes. True story. Thankfully, I'm pretty quick. 

I arranged the pots according to height so that each child could easily reach their own items and be responsible for replacing them when they were done. They love that they each have their own special space for storing their stuff, and I love that they are more likely to not wander off with their toothbrushes and leave them on a random bookshelf in another part of the house. 

To make this storage solution as pretty as it was practical, I added color-coordinating FRÄJEN hand towels and colored SVARTSJÖN tumblers for rinsing. There's still plenty of space in each one to add their own combs or anything else that is used more than once a day. 

Bedtime routine organizerBedtime routine organizer        Bedtime routine organizer    Bedtime routine organizer  Another fun way to personalize each pot would be to hand-letter each family member's name on the outside of their pot or add an oversized vinyl alpha sticker with the first letter of each person's name. You could even spray paint each pot if you're looking for something even more colorful!

Bedtime routine organizer     I love looking for the potential in anything we bring into our small space because it almost always ends up needing to do more than one job in its lifetime as our needs change. This beautiful plant stand may eventually hold plants, but until then, it's going to make our mornings and evenings a lot more peaceful! -Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Janae Hardy and Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   If you have a craft space in your house (or a work room of any sort), chances are that you are making use of a good old fashioned pegboard to keep your supplies organized. Pegboards can be so helpful, right? The only downside to a pegboard is that sometimes they can feel a little unfinished or industrial, and that might not be the vibe you are going for in your carefully curated space. I know I have been hesitant to put one into my new craft room for fear it would mess up my girly pink and white vibe I have going on... Fear not! Here are 5 ways to take a simple pegboard from boring to babe:

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   1. Frame it! One of the things that bothered me the most about the classic pegboard setup is that it looks a little unfinished when it's just hung on the wall as is. Building a frame is a great way to give a finished look to the edges so your pegboard looks more polished. If you aren't into building your own, you can also have a custom frame built for it at a framing shop or buy as large a frame as you can find and then cut your pegboard to that size.

To build my frame, I basically used this DIY frame method but also cut a thinner set of boards the same length as the boards for my main frame. When I lined up the smaller boards on the outside edge of the back of the frame, it created a little inside lip for my pegboard to sit in nice and cozy! 

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   Once I had my pegboard cut to the inside frame width (they can do that for you at the store), I placed it into the back of the frame and used a staple gun to attach it to the lip of the frame that sits under the pegboard. Add some hangers and you're ready to hang!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   2. Paint it! Don't forget that just because pegboards come in brown, that doesn't mean they have to stay brown! A few coats of paint in a color that compliments your room will also really help integrate it into your space and decor. I would paint the frame and pegboard before putting them together – it will make the job a lot easier (especially if you aren't painting them the same color). I chose a pale pink for my board that I've used a lot in this house called Baby Blush by Valspar. So much cuter!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   3. Add some pattern! While you could definitely paint a large scale pattern on the pegboard to give it some new life, try adding removable wallpaper to a few items for a pop of print! I love hanging my big cutting mats on a pegboard, and I added this Chasing Paper design to the back of one of them – I love it!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   4. Accessorize it (with your color theme)! So obviously if you have this giant pegboard, you want to use the giant pegboard, right? Since all the items are going to basically be displayed on the board, it's a great idea to choose tools that will help carry on your color scheme! Don't forget the Internet is a big place – if you don't see the perfect color of scissors and what not at your craft store, take your shopping to the world wide web!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   5. Go a little green! If this is all about making your pegboard as cute as possible, then I just have to add some tiny plants into the mix! Most pegboard accessory kits will come with cup-like containers, and they are perfect for holding little succulents or air plants. If you are worried about watering them, then get some faux plants, put them up high, and no one will ever know, but you'll still get that pop of fresh green!

5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more   5 Ways to Make A Boring Pegboard On Fleek! (click through for more    All in all, adding this pegboard has helped so much organizationally (especially for items like cutting mats and rulers that are kind of awkward to store). And of course I love that it both allows me to keep essential items accessible while still matching the overall feel of the room. So banish those thoughts of dingy pegboards gathering dust in a dark basement or garage, this pegboard is cute enough to be in any room of the house! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Bloggers and their pink walls...Sometimes I truly feel like I am living in an SNL sketch about bloggers. Like, when we were driving to Target, and I literally screamed because I saw this amazing A-frame pink and purple flower shop. "STOP THE CAR!" 

What can I say, we love our pink walls. I am zero percent ashamed. 

Bloggers and their pink walls... Bloggers and their pink walls...  Bloggers and their pink walls...   Bloggers and their pink walls...    Bloggers and their pink walls...     Elsie's Wearing: Pink sunnies/Oui Fresh, Chambray Top/Madewell, Pink Overalls/ASOS, Bag/Oui Fresh, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens, Palm Springs Bracelet and Cactus Pin/McKean Studio, Enid Pin/Danny Brito, Cheese Fries Pin/Band Of Weirdos, Succulent Pin/Finest Imaginary.

PS– Here's my other favorite pink wall. Take it away, sister!

Emma Chapman Pink and purple Emma Chapman    Purse and shoes Ombre hairWell I might not be in front of an all pink wall, but I still think these are totally blogger-appropriate images. :) Also, I'm noticing that I like to share at least one photo that's basically the back of my head... Guys, I  know that's weird. I'm just really proud of my hair. It felt like it took FOREVER to grow out and now that it's finally pretty long (at least for me), I'm excited about it! 

Emma Chapman   Sunnies Emma Chapman Emma's Wearing: Dress/Half of Half (from this work wears post), Shoes/H&M, Purse and sunnies/Oui Fresh

Hope you're having a great day! xx. Emma + Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. 

3I remember the first time I saw a Juju hat in an issue of Domino magazine. It was fuchsia, and I was instantly in love! I didn't know what it was or where one would even obtain one, but it was one of those design elements that I knew I wanted to incorporate into my own space some day. Here I am a handful of years later with a DIY version that is easier than it looks! No messy hot glue guns to ruin half of your feathers... just the right supplies and a little bit of patience. I'll even show you a short cut if you're handy with a sewing machine!

Juju hats, or Tyn hats, were worn by royal dancers during Bamileke tribal ceremonies. They symbolized prosperity and were created from natural or dyed chicken and wild bird feathers. These feathers were stitched onto a base that could be pulled open with a strap and folded neatly with the feathers inside when not in use. They are still handcrafted and imported from Cameroon and can be found in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from $80-$500+. I created three different sizes to display as a set but used three different styles of feathers to show the variation in the types of feathers available. This is another one of those DIYs that can be an affordable alternative to purchasing one online. 

4I used three different sets of feathers that I found on Amazon. The peach Juju hat is made from 5"-7" dyed goose feathers and is probably my favorite of the feathers because it's so full and textured. It has a big impact and works best for medium or large Juju hats but would likely look awkward for a smaller 12" hat. 

The hot pink feathers are black hackle feathers from Touch of Nature and the pink featured showed up a lot brighter than in the photo. They have a ton of movement and texture and would work great for medium sized Juju hats. 

The darkest feathers are chinchilla saddles feathers from Zucker Feather Products and are much shorter. They were a lot brighter online and photograph darker than in real life. They were also harder to fluff up and get a lot of movement from. They worked well for a smaller Juju hat but probably wouldn't work well for a larger size.

Search for 'feather trim' and 'yardage', and then keep an eye out for your favorite color(s). You don't want loose feathers unless you don't plan on having a life for the rest of the summer. Be sure they are stitched in satin (or something similar). When you order online, keep in mind that you might have to make a return or exchange due to color variations within dye groups. 


24" Juju Hat: 

-4.5 yards of stitched peach goose feathers (5"- 7" long)

16" Juju Hat:

-2 yards of stitched hot pink feathers (2"- 4" long)

10" Juju Hat:

-1 or 2 yards of stitched berry red chinchilla saddles feathers (3" long)


-12" circular woven placemat per Juju hat. You'll cut them down for the medium and smaller hats (found in Target dollar spot).
-thread in coordinating color to feathers
-2.5" embroidery needle
-straight pins
-1 paperclip per hat
-sewing machine (optional)

Feather Up ClosePin Feathers DownStarting from the outer edge, wrap your feather yardage around your placemat to get an idea for how much you want to space out your next ring of feathers. You can cut these into circles or just continuously wrap it into smaller circles until you get to the center. Don't cut anything until you've decided!

For the largest hat, place your satin ribbon near the edge of your woven placemat. Pin it in place every 1" or so. Be sure not to stretch this too thin as you pin and stop to check your placement every 6" or so. Only pin the first outer row for now. If you are cutting yours into separate circles, overlap your ends about 1". If you're doing a continuous strip, just let it hang down while you attach this part. 

Stitch in PlaceThread your needle and hand stitch the satin edge with a wide stitch through the placemat. This can feel tedious and wear our your fingers, but it will ensure your Juju hat doesn't fall apart and won't risk getting hot glue all over your feathers. Be sure to remove your straight pins as you stitch past them. 

Shortcut: If you've got a sewing machine, you can easily stitch your feathers down to your mat, but be sure you're careful as you move your feathers onto your machine. You can do this for the first few layers, but it gets harder to stitch the layers closer to the center. That's when you can switch back to hand stitching or even use felt or gorilla glue in the center. More on that soon. 

Keep Pinning and StitchingPlace your next row of satin onto your placemat about 1" closer to the center than your last row. Repeat your pinning and stitching. These first two layers should have your feathers with the right sides facing you. You'll want to cut them off after you finish your second layer.

For your third layer of feathers, flip your feathers with the wrong sides facing you so that the curve of the feathers adds some dimension to your Juju hat. Then continue on with the rest of your layers of feathers with the right sides facing you. 

Peach CenterOnce you get close to the center, it's going to be trickier to get those feathers splayed as well without things spreading too thin or bunching in the center. Get those as tightly gathered as you can and hand stitch them down. Then cut your strip and tuck the satin under before stitching it down. 

PeachCenterFinishedCut off 4-7 separate feathers and maybe even trim about 2" - 4" off the bottom of your feathers. Glue them down in the center so that they cover the center bald spot and splay out towards you. I used felt glue and made sure not to touch the feathers for about 24 hours. 

PinkFeather JujuFor your 16" Juju hat, start about 1.5" down from the outer edge of the placemat. Space your layers of feathers out about 1" from each other or less depending on the type of feathers you use. You can turn up your third layer of feathers for more dimension on this one as well. 

Berry Juju Hat BackDo the same with the 10" size except start about 3" down from the outer edge of the placemat. Don't reverse your third layer of feathers on this one as they're packed in tight and won't splay nicely. There will be less movement on this type of feather, but they are dense and beautiful. You can trim about 2" off the outer edge of your placemat when you're done. 

To attach them to your wall, simply slip one half of a folded paper clip through the weaving on your placemat and hook the other half over a nail or hook. 

58These hats add so much texture to my studio work station! I literally want to run my fingers through them every time I sit down. If you're not into bright colors or are looking for a more neutral option, these are also gorgeous in natural shades. Search around for your favorite colors and be sure to check that they have enough yardage available before you order so you can sit down and make your own Juju hat next weekend. Which room of yours needs one of these? -Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Rachel Denbow and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

Avocado bagEmma Chapman Emma Chapman   Gaucamole bag Gaucamole bagGingham skirtThere are so many things I love about summertime! Swimming, days on the lake, fireflies and the sun staying out so long! And summer outfits are just another fun thing to add to that list. We LOVE summer outfits. 

Today's post is sponsored by ModCloth, a company we love and have worn for years! They never fail to curate a great collection of fun, quirky and colorful pieces. There's always an extra element of fun! 

Emma Chapman  ShoesOmbre hairEmma ChapmanEmma's Wearing: Shoes, Skirt, Sunnies, Purse by ModCloth, Top/Topshop.

Pineapple PurseI feel the same as Emma. Summertime always brings out the fun side in my outfits. I tend to gravitate toward more colorful pieces, more pattern and more novelty in the summertime – like this super fun pineapple bag! 

Pineapple Purse  Pineapple Purse   Pineapple Purse     Pineapple Purse      Pineapple Purse       Elsie's Wearing: Dress, Purse, Shoes, Hat by ModCloth. Sunnies/Karen Walker via Ditto Eyewear. 

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photography: Janae Hardy and Laura Gummerman. 


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