Plant LadyAs you know by now, we are full-fledged Plant Ladies. Ain't nothing going to stand in the way of me and my weekend plant shop run. :) 

I am having so much fun slowly turning our home into a greenhouse. When my husband asks if we have enough plants yet, I just stare at him blankly...


I love all plants, but definitely have a soft spot for cacti. Recently I started to focus more on spineless cacti so my home isn't a death trap. It's my favorite hobby. I even LOVE watering them now (my downfall in the past).  

So, of course, when we were planning new designs for Oui Fresh, we designed a Plant Lady shirt! It comes in this green baseball tee and a white women's fit t-shirt

Plant Lady Plant Lady Plant Lady Plant Lady Plant Lady Plant Lady      Plant Lady      Plant Lady      Plant Lady      Plant Lady      Plant Lady          Elsie's Wearing: Plant Lady Baseball Tee/Oui Fresh, Shorts/Madewell, Shoes/Converse, Purse/Kate Spade.

What about you, Sister?? You catching the plant bug? 

Emma Chapman Emma Chapman   Animal print bag Cat eye sunnies Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess      I definitely have more plants in our house currently than ever before. I think you will always have me beat though, Sister, as I have a problem with occasionally killing them. Ah! It makes me so sad when one bites the dust. One of my theories is that my house is just too dark for most of the plants I love. So I've been focused on only buying plants that thrive in low light. But the struggle is real because most of my favorite varieties are high light thriving plant babies. About once a week I take a bunch of the plants in my living room and put them out in the driveway to get some extra sun for a day or two. That's been helping, but it's sort of tedious, and also I look like a crazy person.

Another random note, I thought I was going to prefer our plain white Plant Lady tee, but I've ended up wearing the baseball tee more. Go figure. :)

Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess Animal print bag Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess   Emma ChapmanEmma's Wearing: Dress/Calvin Klein, Belt/Target, Shoes/Circus by Sam Edelman, Purse/Fossil, Bracelet and Sunnies/Moorea Seal

Are you guys plant ladies? What are your favorite house plants? xo. Elsie + Emma

Credits // Authors: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. 

The ultimate back-to-school shopping list for grown-ups! (click through for links)It's that time of year again! Back-to-school shopping was always the dreaded event as a kid or teenager as it signified the end of summer freedom, but at least you got to pick out some extra cute notebooks and a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper to ease the pain. Just because you're an adult now, who says you can't join in on the fun and treat yourself to some goodies anyway?

1. Keep your papers safe in this adorable pink folio.
2. Who says your pens can't have a little bling too?
3. Love these ampersand push pins for a bulletin board.
4. This stapler is clearly a winner!
5. This ruler certainly isn't short on charm!
6. Keep your files upright and organized with this file sorter.
7. Speaking of files, this patterned one is just too cute to be tucked away in an unseen cabinet.
8. Pack your essentials in style with this cutie backpack.
9. These gold scissors are to die for!
10. If gold isn't your thing, these babies come in several different colors to match your office scheme.
11. Study in style at this modern desk.
12. Keep your space neat with this desk organizer.
13. Love this file sorter too!
14. This alligator letter opener is ready to get to work!
15. Orange you glad this stapler exists?
16. Keep your spirits high with these rainbow compliment pencils.
17. There's plenty of space to doodle your crush's name in this notebook.

Makes you kind of wish you were headed to 8th grade art class right now, doesn't it? Whether you just need an excuse to buy something fun for your craft room/office or you really are hitting the books this year again for higher education, this list ensures that you'll feel like the head of the class!

Filter stacking with A Color StoryOne of the big reasons we opted against the VSCO or Instagram model of filtering that doesn't technically apply a filter until you save is because we knew we wanted to be able to stack filters! Mix and match, save, and make your own flair. So we're bringing in another AMAZING A Color Story user and master mural-hunter, @rclayton, to talk about her favorite filter combos that can offer a subtle but impactful touch.

Hey, guys! Rosie here, and I'd like to share some of my favorite A Color Story filter combinations with you. Layering various ACS filters can really make your photos come alive. Each filter you layer on will pull out different color elements in your photo and pop varying features. This creates more depth and interest in your photo. I find that the order in which the filters are applied makes a difference in the final photo since each filter is playing off the previous color edit. After I play around with the filter combinations, I make small adjustments with tools and curves to finalize my edit. 

My favorite filter packs are Essentials, Good Vibes, and Chroma. I go to these packs first, and then move on to the others when playing around with the filter combinations. I also tend to use Everyday from the Essentials pack in almost every edit since it's a good baseline and helps boost the brightness and saturation of my original image. Very rarely will I go above 40% on a filter just so the image maintains a natural feel, but there's always an exception!

Filter stacking with A Color Story 31% Lipstick {Essentials}, 16% Everyday {Essentials}, and 9% Punch {Blush}

The Lipstick filter warmed up the photo before anything else, Everyday was added for brightness and some vibrancy, and Punch does exactly what its name implies as well as brightens and adds contrast. 

Filter stacking with A Color Story        24% Lipstick {Essentials}, 15% Pop Song {Good Vibes}, 10% Everyday {Essentials}

Here's a similar but slightly different filter combination where you can see the results. First, I used Lipstick to warm up the pink and blues, then Pop Song to brighten, saturate, and add warmth, and Everyday to again, brighten, even, and add a touch of overall saturation. After this, I worked with tools and bumped up the saturation a ton to create a bolder color combination.

Filter stacking with A Color Story       25% Pool Party {Airy}, 21% Lite Bright {Essentials}, and 12% Punch {Blush}

I found the cutest wall at dinner one night, but we were in a dimly lit space. I took this photo with my iPhone, and the image was really dark and yellow before I applied my ACS filters, which made all the difference! I started with Pool Party to lighten and cool down the image – 25% seemed just the right amount without adding too much blue. After that filter provided some color correction, I wanted to brighten the photo with Lite Bright. Side note: Lite Bright, Ice Ice, and On Lock are my favorite whitening and brightening filters – Lite Bright will whiten and brighten, Ice Ice does the same with a bit more blue and a slightly faded look, and On Lock whitens and brightens with deeper contrast. Punch was the last filter I applied to make the colors pop a bit more. After those three were applied, I played with curves, added brightness, more saturation, decreased warmth, and sharpened. Remember to always use the tools after you apply the filters. Tweaking the image in this final step really makes the photo crisp, vibrant, and puts your own signature on the image.

Filter stacking with A Color Story      21% Everyday {Essentials}, 13% Lipstick {Essentials}

So not every edit I do has three filter layers (and rarely do I use more than three). Here's an example of a very clean, simple edit with Everyday to brighten and add a bit of "oomph" to the original photo. I layered in Lipstick because I wanted to make the sky a warmer blue and bring out the happy, sunny color in those yellow stripes. I boosted the brightness and saturation to make the image bright and bold. 

Filter stacking with A Color Story   26% Everyday {Essentials}, 13% On Lock {Essentials}, 6% Punch {Blush}

Here, Everyday provided an even brightness and saturation boost, On Lock whitened and brightened further, and Punch really made the colors POP! I love this wall, but because of the browns and maroon color, the photo can look a bit dull – I always trust the ACS filters to really brighten it and bring the photo to life!

Filter stacking with A Color Story    22% On Lock {Essentials}, 24% Everyday {Essentials}, 17% Disco Ball {Good Vibes}

As I mentioned previously, On Lock brightens, whitens, and adds contrast. It's such a great filter for white based backgrounds and really cleans up the photo. Everyday was added to boost a little color saturation and vibrancy, and Disco Ball was the finishing touch to cool and brighten because Everyday brought out a bit of the yellow from the track lighting in the space. 

Filter stacking with A Color Story  17% Everyday {Essentials}, 18% Toasty {Essentials}, 13% Magic Hour {Good Vibes}

This photo was on the cooler side due to the silver outfit and the dark green, shaded wall, so I wanted to add some warmth to the image. I used Everyday to add some bright saturation, and then Toasty warmed up the colors and added a touch of yellow/green. Magic Hour was the final filter to warm a bit more with a golden tone. 

Filter stacking with A Color Story     So I know that was a lot to go over, and it seems overwhelming sometimes, but I love that the team at ACS has provided us with so many different filters to give us options. Each image is so different, and you'll definitely find yourself gravitating towards a few specific filters that become your go-tos. Be sure to play around and tap various filters to see how they enhance each image. The one thing that really helps me is using the filter names as a guideline. I bet the team spent hours coming up with just the right name for each filter, and they really do make perfect sense! If you have any questions, feel free to email me, and I'll try to answer them as best I can! -Rosie

Thanks so much, Rosie! Get the app here if you haven't gotten to try A Color Story yet!

Credits//Author and Photography: Rosie Clayton.

Chipotle Tempeh Fajitas (via  As a mostly vegetarian, fajitas is a go-to order of mine when at a Mexican or Southwestern style restaurant. It's an easy thing to get vegetarian. It usually consists of stir fried peppers and onions, maybe with other vegetables thrown in if I'm lucky. Add some beans and guac to this, and I think it's a pretty satisfying meal. At home we make fajitas often since it's one of those meals that can come together really easily and I can use pretty much whatever vegetables I have on hand. But, I especially like this version. 

Chipotle Tempeh Fajitas (via love tempeh in all sorts of recipes, so if it's a new ingredient to you, I highly recommend you give it a try. Some people think of tempeh and tofu as "meat substitutes", and I get that, but I think of it as its own thing all together. I mean, imagine people are expecting you to be just like your sister, but you're like, "Hey, man, I'm a totally different person. We're not substitutes for each other. Geez." 

Oh wait, is that oddly specific. Never mind. 

(Also I'm totally kidding, just so we're all clear.) :)

One thing I love about it is it can take on all sorts of flavors with the addition of a good marinade or sauce, which is exactly what this fajita recipe is all about! You will have to let the tempeh sit in the marinade for at least 2 hours, but if you throw it together in the morning or over lunch (if you go home for lunch), then you'll be ready to go at dinner time without any waiting. 

Marinated tempehEasy Chipotle Tempeh Fajitas, serves 2-3

8 oz. tempeh, one package
2 chipotle peppers (the kind that come in adobo sauce)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 clove of garlic (or two if your cloves are on the small side)
1/2 of a small red onion (about 2 oz.) 
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon salt
1-2 bell peppers
1 avocado
6-8 corn tortilla shells
1-2 tablespoons oil for cooking (I use olive oil most of the time.)
lime, cheese, or sour cream to serve

Cut the tempeh into strips, kind of like skirt steak, and set aside.

In a food processor, combine the chipotle peppers, 2 tablespoons olive oil, sesame oil, vinegar, garlic, 1/4 of the onion (about 1 oz.), cumin, and salt. Pulse until a thick paste forms. In a large ziplock bag, or two small ones if you realize you are out of large size bags, combine the tempeh with the marinade. Seal the bags, removing any air, and gently mash it around so the tempeh gets completely coated. Refrigerate for 2+ hours (overnight would be OK too).

Marinated Tempeh FajitasSlice the pepper and remaining onion into small strips and stir fry in a little oil over medium heat. Once those have softened, remove to a plate. Then lightly pan fry each tortilla just until they begin to puff on each side. Place those on serving plates folded in half so they will keep their shape for a few minutes. Last, stir fry the tempeh for 3-5 minutes until each piece has browned on each side. 

Divide peppers, onions, and tempeh among your prepared shells. 

Chipotle Tempeh Fajitas (via Top each with a slice of avocado and a squeeze of lime. If you want to add cheese or sour cream, feel free. Enjoy! xo. Emma

P.S. If you don't end up consuming all the tempeh just save it in a ziplock and use in scrambled eggs, a BBQ grilled cheese, or on top of a salad. I've done all three before—I love this tempeh!

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman

Fuller Lips
Hi, friends! Today I'm sharing 7 easy steps to achieve fuller looking lips naturally, without going ham on the over-lining... and without having to use one of those scary lip plumping devices. ;)  

Step One: Prep and Moisturize. I always like to start with a moisturizing base. If your lips are feeling a little dry, try exfoliating. Check out our Grapefruit Lemonade Lip Scrub DIY for inspiration! After exfoliating, add a little bit of your favorite balm. I've been hearting the Glossier Balm Dotcom in Coconut. Smells like the beach and summer and everything good about the hot months. 

Step Two: Add a little highlight. If you've read any of my posts at this point, you know I love me some highlight. I think this just adds a tiny dash of shimmer and light that really brings the eye to the lips. Using a small brush, I just blend out a tiny amount along my cupid's bow. I like to do the highlight first so that my lipstick layers on top of the shimmer and just peeks out over the top of the lipstick a little. 

Full Lips DIYStep Three: Using a liner very similar to your natural lip color, shape and line your lips. Since my lips tend to be pretty uneven, especially around my cupid's bow, I take my time to create an even shape. To give myself a fuller look, I'll slightly over-line my liner, still sticking very close to my natural lip line. The nude liner not only creates a more "plump" look to your lips, but it will also keep our lipstick from feathering, especially since we over-lined just a little. I've really been digging this Plump and Define liner from Becca Cosmetics. 

Step Four: To really get a fuller look, I love using a light/nude colored lipstick. Devotion by Axiology is one of my favorites right now. It also has the perfect amount of sheen to really give my lips a nice dimension. 

Full Lips DIY Step Five: Using a shade slightly darker, apply to the outer corners of your top and bottom lip. Use a lip pencil or your finger to blend out. This just adds a subtle ombre effect and makes your lips look like they have more dimension. I used the color Worth from Axiology, which is another one of my favorites from their line! 

Fuller Lips       Step Six: Using your favorite nude gloss, just add a touch to the center of your lip, again to add in a beautiful dimension. 

Step Seven: Grab a bronzer just a few shades darker than your skin tone and lightly dust a little underneath your bottom lip to create a little more shadow and the appearance of a fuller lip. Be sure to blend it out good so you don't look like you have a soul patch coming in... ;)

Full Lips DIY  And done! My favorite part about these steps is that they give your lips a "my lips but better" look. They look fuller, more even and super glam without being scary and overdone. 

Fuller Lips And now I'm off to put these lips to the test and smooch on my kiddos. ;) Lots of love, Sav

Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace. 


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