Ombre hair Funny tshirts The Babe with the Power tshirt The Babe with the Power tshirt   The Babe with the Power tshirt Emma Chapman  Sometimes Elsie and I will plan, or at least TRY, to coordinate our sister style outfits or the general feel of the images we go shoot apart, but more often than not, we just end up surprising each other. I really like that in this one, we both ended up wearing dark colored tops with words on the front. She's wearing a sweater that says, "I did my best." While I'm wearing our Oui Fresh bestseller "The Babe with the Power." 

By the way, we recently restocked this shirt, so if you've been waiting on your size to come back, go check the site. 

The messages kind of could not be more different, but both are sort of empowering in their own way, and that makes me smile. :) 

The Babe with the Power tshirt  Emma Chapman Emma Chapman    Emma's Wearing: T-shirt / Oui Fresh, Skirt and sunnies / F21, Shoes / Circus by Sam Edelman, Purse c/o ModCloth

Take it away, sister!

I did my bestAwwwe! Emma looks so cute! 

Here's me in my new favorite spot – playing records in our den. I've been pretty obsessed with collecting old and new records and keeping them spinning lately. It's one of those things that makes our home feel so much cozier, and I really enjoy our weekend tradition of picking up a record or two after brunch. 

Recently I found a store with a great collection of old records (mostly for under $3), and that's been a lot of fun! I'm currently working on my Frank Sinatra, Elvis and holiday record collections. What else should I be collecting? I want to hear your suggestions for old music!  

I did my best I did my bestI did my best   Elsie's Wearing: Sweater/, Necklace/Madewell, Shoes/ASOS (out of stock – boo!) 

Credits//Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer. 

ABM offices Sharing a little progress report from the ABM headquarters today! As some of you might remember, the official ABM offices are located above the Golden Girl Rum Club in downtown Springfield, MO. Our office team moved in last fall. Given that we are a small team with a LOT going on all the time, we didn't get to devote much time to this space for some months, but we've been adding some touches here and there. I thought it would be fun to update you all on our progress. 

Last time we shared this space, it was just an itty bitty mini tour during a Casual Friday post last November. So I thought I'd share a few photos I snapped of this part of the building just after we bought it last year. 

ABM office building before  ABM office building before   The previous building owner had been trying to rent out this space as a one bedroom loft. But given that our business partners from the bar and we ourselves needed office space, we all knew that we'd be converting this space into offices soon. 

The building was already in great shape throughout. The upstairs loft already had lovely wood floors, high ceilings, and big beautiful windows. So mainly we just refreshed the walls with white paint, added a cement floor to the front which was something required by the city, and then moved in. Since then we've been trying to add our own touches to the space AND make it more functional as a shared office area. 

ABM breakroom area ABM office common area    ABM office progress ABM office common area ABM office common areaIn the front of the loft, just as you walk in from the stairs leading up to the space, we've created a kind of common room area that can also be used for meetings when necessary. We have a break room spot with a refrigerator (from our last studio), sink and bar area, and coffee cart. There are already a few great coffee shops near the offices, so this space doesn't get used as often as our last studio, where you could not walk to a great coffee shop around the corner. :) 

There is a sofa that Jeremy left us from his previous studio before he moved to Nashville, and it's actually the SAME sofa Trey and I have in our home. Ha! 

And then there is also this overflow work desk with a big, blank wall above it. The blank wall is actually intentional as we installed a projector on the opposite wall. Our thought was you could show presentations or other meeting materials from this spot, but so far we've mainly used it to watch movies and music videos after office hours. :)

ABM office building before The room that our team works out of used to be the bedroom in this loft, but we've converted it to shared office space for Trey, Jacki, Philip, and our newest team member, Claire. 

Again, this space was already pretty great with really nice wood floors and a built-in shelf unit that actually works really well as desk and storage space. Mainly we've added some aesthetic touches and refreshed the walls with white paint to brighten everything up a little. 

ABM offices  ABM offices Trey's desk area Trey George Claire's desk area ClaireTrey built his own desk, and then we had an identical one built for Claire before she started. Now you might be wondering, who's Claire? We will be updating our About page soon – I promise! But she is our new business development manager. She is taking over Trey's previous position as he is transitioning to focus all his time on our apps. We feel SO lucky to have found Claire, as she is already a great fit and I'm SO excited to see more time get devoted to our apps. I think this is a total win, win for our companies. 

Jacki's desk area Jacki Moseley ABM offices   Jacki and Philip use the desk areas near the built in. Although Philip wasn't there the day we snapped these photos. I love how Jacki added this adorable print of her dog, Kingston, to her space. She is a gal after my own heart – dog people unite! :) 

This space already feels 100x more functional as a shared office area than when we moved in, but I think we've still got a bit more work to do before it will feel "finished". If a space is ever truly finished, that is. 

Thanks for letting us share a little update on our ABM offices! xx. Emma + The ABM team

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. Sources: grey couch/UO, office chairs/Amazon, yellow chairs/Amazon, curtains/Bed, Bath, and Beyond, wallpaper/Murals your Way

A New NormalLet's talk about routines. 

All my life I've been obsessed with routines, rituals and those little things that make the seasons special. It can be something as simple as hot toddies and The Bachelor or as elaborate as Laura's insanely authentic 1960s cocktail party every year. I live for these things. 

Lately I've been working to create a stronger sense of "normal" here in Nashville. That means finding a whole new list of fun things... special places for each season. With our busy careers, it's something I have to really focus on, a hobby if you will! 

Lately we've been trying a new restaurant each weekend, eating some meals in our sunroom (when it's not crazy hot – haha!), buying our first concert tickets in, like, ten years (fun fact – we only go to our friends' concerts because we are LAZY and we are trying to change this). I am a HUGE fan of autumn, the holidays and spring (and during winter we travel, so I guess that's OK too), but summer...? I need to vibe more with summer. What are your favorite summertime things to do? 

A New Normal A New Normal A New Normal   A New Normal   A New Normal   A New Normal       A New Normal       A New Normal       Elsie's Wearing: Jacket/Madewell, Dress/F21, Bag and Sunglasses/Oui Fresh, Purse charms/H&M, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens

Take it away, sister! 

Elles in Springfield MO Emma Chapman   Emma Chapman Lavender iced coffee Shoes Oui Fresh purseTotally agree, sister. The seasons always have me feeling nostalgic. When I lived in southern California for a few years after college, that was one of the things I missed most, the four seasons!

Probably not surprising, some of my favorite seasonal rituals have to do with treats. And summer is the best time for ice cream! I'm always sure to stop by Elle's at least a few times during the summer. They catered the ice cream at our wedding and I think they have the most interesting flavors in town, but they also have amazing lavender iced coffee. So sometimes I get that. I also love Pineapple Whip and Andy's Frozen custard, which are Springfield favorites for sure. 

Humidity hairThis summer ritual is called "trying to fluff my hair out so it doesn't look completely flat and a little bit greasy."

Humidity makes everyone's hair look amazing. I just love it. :) 

Pink bucket bag Emma Chapman  Emma's Wearing: Dress/Romwe, Shoes/ModCloth, Sunnies c/o BonLook, and Purse/Oui Fresh

What about you? What seasonal routines are you enjoying right now??? xx. Emma + Elsie

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer.

Spicy Brown Rice Bowls (via dinner is easy to throw together, full of good-for-you things, and totally delicious. Really, it's everything a weeknight dinner should be. I love challenging myself in the kitchen and making all sorts of complex or new-to-me dishes, but what I make most often is something that resembles this. It's home base, what you return to over and over again. 

Spicy Brown Rice Bowls (via So what the heck is it? 

marinated, baked tofu (swap this out for cauliflower or shrimp if you don't like soy)
steamed brown rice (swap with black rice or quinoa if you're feeling fancy)
spiralized, raw veggies like zucchini, carrots, bell pepper (trendy food bc spiralizing is the new smoothie bowl)
a creamy, spicy sauce that kind of resembles Yum Sauce if you've ever had that before (but this is better)

That's seriously it. If you have some cilantro, toss that on top too. Dinner is served.

Marinated and baked tofuSpicy Brown Rice Bowls, serves two

3/4 cup uncooked brown rice
marinated baked tofu (see here for recipe)
1 zucchini
1/2 red bell pepper
1 large carrot

For the sauce:
2 heaping tablespoons of mayo
1 tablespoon reserved marinade (from the tofu)
2 teaspoons chili garlic sauce
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

Prepare the tofu and steam the rice. I used the exact same method for the tofu as you see here. The only change was I cut it into small cubes instead of longer strips, or fries. I love this baked tofu recipe. I make the full 14 oz at a time (one package), and even if we don't eat all the tofu with this meal, I'll save it in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator and add it to salads or stir fries the rest of the week. Yum!

Steam your rice. I use a rice maker; it makes the whole thing super easy and impossible to screw up. I like that. :)

Easy brown rice bowlsClean and spiralize your veggies, or cut into thin matchsticks or very small cubes. I like the long strips that spiralizing makes, but it's not necessary. Since we're leaving the veggies raw, you do want to cut them up quite a bit so they are easier to chew and enjoy in this meal, but there are lots of options here. So feel free to change it up if you like. 

To make the sauce, simply stir together the mayo, reserved marinade, and chili garlic sauce. Taste and if you want more heat, add more chili garlic sauce or even just an extra sprinkle of red pepper flakes. 

Spicy Brown Rice Bowls (via  Once everything is prepared, assemble your bowls, drizzle on the sauce, and top with cilantro. Ta-da! Dinner is ready to be devoured. :) Enjoy! xx. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial)      Like most people, I love my house best when it is clean and when it smells good too. I think I care about the fresh scent thing maybe more than usual because we have two cats (and two litter boxes), and I'm always terrified that we could become that house that announces multiple pet ownership to guests when they first walk in the door and take a sniff – NOOOOOOO! I have used candles in the past, but I'm also trying to make our house as healthy and natural as possible these days, so I thought it would be so fun to learn how to make my own essential oil diffusers so I can freshen the house without any icky toxins or chemicals. The best part is it will literally take you under a minute to make your own in whatever scent you choose!

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial)      Supplies:
-essential oil of your choice (You'll want a total of .5-1.0 oz per diffuser depending on how full you want your diffuser to be.)
-sweet almond oil
-diffuser reeds
-glass or ceramic jar with a small neck or opening (I reused a container from an empty diffuser.)

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial)      Clean out your container with hot soapy water and rinse well. Add in a ratio of 30% essential oil and 70% almond oil. Swirl the jar to mix. If the opening in your jar is too small to pour in the oils without making a mess, you can mix them together first in a glass measuring cup or bowl, and then pour them in with a funnel once mixed.

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial)      I used a sweet orange oil and added in some peppermint oil as well. Smells so good!!

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial)      Place 8-12 diffuser reeds in the jar, and give the oil some time to travel up the reeds before you start really smelling the scent. When the scent starts to lessen, simply flip the reeds upside down and the sent will be renewed. Repeat the process when the oil is gone!
Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial)      Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial)      Now, wasn't that easy?? There are so many combinations you can do besides the sweet orange/peppermint too. Try lavender/lemon/rosemary, grapefruit/lime/wild orange, or sandalwood/sage/lavender. The combinations are endless!

As I was making this, I was on hold with both an airline that had "temporarily" lost my luggage and a tax office that was saying we still owed taxes I had already paid, so you can bet I appreciated the aroma therapy from the oils!! I'm sure those of you who are really into essential oils have different places you like to get your oils from (I've been starting to buy mine from Young Living and Mountain Rose Herbs). So let me know if you have a source you love! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions


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