Aloe Margarita RecipeI had a lot of fun working on this recipe. It's really unique. I've shared a lot of sweet margaritas here (like watermelon, cranberry orange, peach and coconut). 

This recipe is on the less sweet side. Still lightly sweet, but not nearly as much as the others. I'd put it more in line with the cucumber margarita. Light and very fresh! 

Plus, you have to give it bonus points for being so pretty, right?? 

Aloe Margarita Recipe  Aloe Margarita, serves one 

2 ounces margarita mix
2 ounces tequila blanco 
3 ounces aloe juice 
squeeze of fresh lime juice 

Mix the ingredients and garnish with pink salt and a piece of organic aloe if you want. Serve over ice. 

One thing to note! The aloe plant will ooze out aloe juice into your drink. It will be more bitter than the kind you buy at the store. So keep mixing the drink as you drink. If you get a big sip from the bottom of the glass with a straw, you might get straight aloe juice. It's safe to drink, it's just not very sweet. :) 

Aloe Margarita Recipe What do you think?? Do you want to try it?? 

Aloe Margarita Recipe   Hope you guys have an incredible weekend!!!! xoxo! Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. 

Laura's Favorite Natural Foundation Picks (click through for more!) Lately I keep thinking about how our skin is our body's largest organ, and I've been trying to take better care of that department than I have up until now (never too late to start, right?). In addition to trying the basics of skin care, like drinking more water, etc., I've also been looking around for months and months to find beauty products that do a really good job while having the least toxic ingredient list. One helpful tool when searching for healthier products is the EWG website where you can see breakdowns and ratings of thousands of products so you can check out how toxic your own products are as well as search for more natural versions.

Foundation was actually never a big thing for me growing up. I think I just liked to not wear much makeup (I actually don't wear any most of the time – my snapchat gummergal will attest to that!), and I was blessed with mostly clear skin. So I just had a little concealer stick and that was it. I now enjoy playing with makeup a lot more than I used to, and I have been battling dermatitis on my face for a few years now (trying some nutrition changes to see if that will help). So foundation makes a much bigger impact for me than it used to. Through some Internet digging and trying friend recommendations, I've created a foundation routine that I really like, and all the products are rated a 2 or below on the EWG toxicity scale of 1-10!

Laura's Favorite Natural Foundation Picks (click through for more!) On the before, you can see the patches of red that still show up (especially on my cheeks) even when my dermatitis looks its best, and I tend to have darker or bluish tones under my eyes as well. The foundation really helps even out the skin tone and the bronzer helps to contour and give the face a sun-kissed glow!

Laura's Favorite Natural Foundation Picks (click through for more!) The first thing I put on this Juice Beauty Perfecting Cream concealer in Sand under my eyes and on any trouble spots. I just use my finger to blend it into the skin. Next, I use a makeup sponge and cover my face in a light layer of Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream (in Warm Glow) for a more even overall complexion. The CC cream does have a bit of a plant-based "healthy" smell to it, but it fades pretty quickly once applied.

Laura's Favorite Natural Foundation Picks (click through for more!) To finish and set the liquid foundation, I apply this Rejuva Minerals loose foundation (in Natural Beige) with a makeup powder brush and then do a bit of contouring with the Rejuva bronzer and a smaller brush to finish up. All done! You can also buy these in tiny jars for $6 to test different colors or send them a sample of your current foundation for them to match.

Laura's Favorite Natural Foundation Picks (click through for more!)I like how the finished look doesn't appear cakey or dry, and I really like knowing that it looks good without all the possible added toxins that a lot of other foundations have. If I don't feel like doing the liquid and loose foundation routine, I'll just use the loose Rejuva powders and head out the door! I also like to store all my foundation items together in a cute makeup bag so I don't have to hunt down each piece as I need them. Since I love getting recommendations for natural products, I thought I'd share these with you and hope that one of them will be a match for you too! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

9There is endless inspiration on the Internet when it comes to party decor! I often scroll through Pinterest searching for inspiration with heady dreams of custom floral arrangements and elaborate tablescapes with the hopes of recreating something just as interesting and fun without needing a team of assistants to pull it off. Although, if three assistants showed up at my door and were willing to work for free guacamole and chips, I wouldn't be mad about it. I've found that the fastest (and sometimes most fun) way to create interesting party decor, or even just make your family's Taco Tuesday a little more exciting, is to make it yourself!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Canon USA to create this DIY photo garland to show you just how easily you can bring something fresh to the proverbial party table. This project was so simple to put together and brings so much color and texture to this space!

11Canon Pixma printerSupplies:
-Photo Paper Pro Platinum 13" x 19" Glossy
-Canon PIXMA iP8720 photo printer
-paper scissors or paper cutter
-hole punch

I like to use the PIXMA iP8720 photo printer for projects like this because you can go big! Each 13" x 19" sheet of photo paper allows for plenty of room to create oversized images for an even bigger impact, whether you're printing off portraits or creating custom home decor projects. 

Cactus PaddleWhen considering an image for your photo garland, think of something with plenty of color that might also have a subtle pattern. For a Taco Tuesday theme, this zoomed in shot of a cactus without spiny needles was perfect because there weren't lots of harsh shadows to distract from the color. Other ideas that would've worked well are an up close of a serape, a full frame pile of limes, or maybe a zoomed in image of overlapping fringed garland. Anything that fills your triangles with color will create the biggest impact here. 

I took a photo of this cactus during golden hour at a park, and then cropped it down and edited it with my photo-editing software. I then printed two images per sheet of 13" x 19" glossy paper. If you used a full bleed photo on a 13" x 19" sheet, you might be able to cut up to 4 triangles per sheet depending on their size. Print as many copies as you need to create your desired garland length, and cut out your triangles with a pair of scissors or a paper cutter. 

Attach triangles with yarnPunch holes in two corners of each triangle and attach them to each other using three strands of colorful yarn. Tie it in a knot and trim the ends for a tassel effect. Add an extra set of tassels at the end of your garlands. 

6Hang your custom photo garland, get out the plastic pineapple tumblers, and invite your friends over for a summer evening made even more special with your DIY skills. 

4831There are so many ways to customize a photo garland no matter what party theme you're working on. Imagine a garland of colorful sprinkles for a donut brunch or of bright confetti for a birthday party – there are literally ten different themes I could come up with right now! I love how something handmade can make an event that much more special, don't you? -Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Janae Hardy and Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. 


Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     Well, I think I’ve done it. This may be my master jello shot creation, and I may have to hang up the apron and quit while I’m ahead. I present to you my masterpiece – the deviled egg jello shot!! Now, I know you probably have so many questions, and I’m here to answer all of them. YES, this is actually a totally sweet jello shot and not a savory one. YES, it actually tastes delicious! And YES, your brain will be completely confused as you eat it!!

I actually thought of this idea this winter for some reason (maybe dreaming of summer picnics and deviled eggs I guess), and I couldn’t wait for summer season to finally get here so I could bring the dream to life! This may be the most fun I’ve ever had making novelty food, and I think you’ll love it too…

Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     Deviled Egg Jello Shots, makes 12 half egg servings

1/2 cup white chocolate Godiva liqueur
½ cup cake-flavored vodka
1 cup heavy cream
2 packets of unflavored gelatin
box of instant custard or pudding (like lemon or banana pudding so it’s yellow)
silicone egg mold (you’ll want two unless you want to make a half batch at a time)

Heat your vanilla vodka over medium heat (don’t let it boil!). Slowly stir in your gelatin packets until they are dissolved. You may have to give them a minute to fully melt in the warm liquid. Pour the vodka and gelatin into a bowl, and then stir in your cream and white chocolate liqueur.

Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     Lightly oil your silicon mold and place it on a tray or plate so you can move it easily when full. Pour your liquid into each mold and place your mold in the fridge to set (about 4 hours).

While the eggs set, make the pudding with a little less liquid than it indicates so that the filling is thicker than usual and will keep its shape. Refrigerate until cool and somewhat firm.

Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     Once the eggs have set, use a spoon or melon baller to scoop out the middle where the egg yolk would normally be. (I used a small cookie cutter to make the circle and then scooped it out with a grapefruit spoon – HA!)

Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     Spoon some pudding into a pastry bag and use a star tip at the end to make the classic deviled egg filling shape. Fill each egg cavity with the pudding and sprinkle with cinnamon on top to recreate the look of paprika. Keep in the fridge if not serving right away or serve to your guests immediately!

Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     Perfect for summer!! Deviled Egg Jello Shots (click through for tutorial)     I made these again and took them to surprise some friends on the 4th of July, and they loved them! We were laughing so hard because they are just too cute and the whole idea is too ridiculous not to love. The other best thing about these is that the set jello feels just like a real hard boiled egg in your hands, so it’s such a confusing fun surprise to your brain once you bite into the egg! The egg will mostly taste like the pudding flavor you choose since the egg base is mostly a sweet vanilla flavor. I think I’ll try the banana cream pie flavor next time! If you have been trying to find the perfect summer picnic party treat, I think this is egg-actly what you are looking for! xo. Laura

Credits// Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman, Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)       Sometimes it's the small luxuries in life that really count. A gourmet donut, splurging on some expensive face cream, or maybe a luxury bath caddy to take your next bath experience to spa level? Having a caddy in your bathroom is a great spot to set your bath salts and bombs, a candle or two, or even use as a reading shelf if you like to relax with a good book in the tub. Since we have been loving the lucite trend lately, we thought that a few sheets of acrylic would make a beautiful bath caddy, and I think we were right!

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)Supplies:
-pvc window moulding (Have it cut at the store if you don't have a saw at home.)
-epoxy glue
-two pieces of lucite cut to the same size (The hardware store can cut it for you, and I cut my two pieces out of this board.)
-2 handles (You may need to buy shorter screws in the same size at the hardware store if the ones they come with are too long.)

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)First, have a lucite board cut into two identically sized pieces. Depending on your tub, you may want to tweak the measurements a bit, but this caddy is 35" x 12". So that's the size I had my pieces cut.

Once your size is established, cut (or have the hardware store cut) your pvc trim pieces to create a border that lines up exactly with the outside edge of the lucite rectangle. I used a saw at home so I could make the 45 degree angles. But if you have them cut it at the store, you can just do straight edges. Just cut two pieces the exact width of the lucite for the ends, and then cut two length pieces that will fit between the end pieces to make a border.

Center your two handles on the top board about 2 1/2" away from each end and mark where to drill the holes. (Leave the plastic on the acrylic until you have to take it off so you can keep the surfaces scratch and dust free.) 

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)Use a drill bit the size of the hardware screws for the handles and place a piece of scrap wood under the marked holes. Drill with the drill running backwards while applying pressure into the lucite to drill each hole.

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)On the underside of the top lucite panel, peel back the plastic a few inches from each edge and use the epoxy to glue and clamp your pvc trim on to each side.

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)When the glue is dry, peel back a few inches of the top plastic and attach the handles through the drilled holes.

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)Fully peel off the plastic from the underside of the top lucite panel and peel off one side from the bottom lucite panel too. Take a quick look to make sure you aren't trapping any dust or loose bits in the middle of your caddy, and glue and clamp the bottom panel to the caddy.

Once the glue is dry, you can peel off the remaining plastic, and your caddy is ready for the tub!

Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)        Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)        Lucite Bathtub Caddy DIY (click through for more!)      So pretty! I love the lucite with the pops of gold and the crisp white trim around the edges. This is functional enough to actually use as well as pretty enough to leave out when it's not in use too! As if you needed an excuse to pamper yourself a bit more, this luxury bath caddy may be just the thing you need! xo. Laura

Credits// Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman, Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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