How to make floral ice cubesHey there! Today I am very excited to share a fun technique for making super pretty FLORAL ice cubes! 

We've teamed up with KINKY Beverages to share a fun way to dress up a simple drink, and just in time for Valentine's Day! 

How to make floral ice cubes There are two ways to make floral ice cubes. One is to find flowers that are small enough to put whole into your ice cubes. A lot of grocery stores sell edible flowers and a lot of the time they are small enough. But sometimes they aren't, so instead, I made floral confetti by simply cutting up the flowers into confetti size pieces! 

-Use edible flowers, and get organic if you can! 
-You can find a list of edible flowers here. 
-Even though I use edible flowers, I still consider them a garnish and personally do not eat them, but at least I know they are safe! 

First, cut up your flowers into small pieces, like confetti. 

How to make floral ice cubes  Next, fill an ice cube tray with your flower confetti, and then pour water into each cube square. Press the flowers into the water (they will still stick out a little and that's OK). 

Freeze them until they are completely solid. 

How to make floral ice cubes   They're REALLY pretty once you remove them from the tray. 

Now we're ready to make a fun drink! 

How to make floral ice cubesI like to keep it pretty simple here since the ice cubes are the wow-factor part of this drink. I think they pair well with a light colored, simple drink so you can really see the vibrant colors in them. For the drink I used KINKY Pink Liqueur. It tastes like mango, blood orange and passion fruit. If you like sweet drinks, you're going to love it! 

How to make floral ice cubesHow to make floral ice cubesIf you want your drink a little less sweet, try mixing it with equal parts club soda and a big squeeze of lime. YUM.  

How to make floral ice cubes       How to make floral ice cubes       The coolest part about these ice cubes is that you can prep them in advance for a party or for guests and it makes your drink look really elaborate, even if it's super simple! You'll get major hostess points. 

What do you think? Valentine's inspiration, anyone?? xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with New A Beautiful Mess actions


Happymail banner-770x770Happy Friday! Today we're revealing the February Happy Mail and Messy Box kits. There are so many good cards for any occasion this month!

Happymail-posterHere's the art print. Short and sweet.

Messybox-horizontal2The retro office theme is too cute. We're loving the phone illustrations and cork numbers!

Messybox-slider1Want to see everything? Watch our unboxing video below.

You can sign up for Happy Mail here and Messy Box here.

Hope you love this month as much as we do! xo.

DIY shower curtain (via     DIY shower curtain (via    This is one of those projects that falls in the really fun but also really practical category. My favorite! Although, for the record, I also like impractical projects too. :) I had been thinking about buying or making a shower curtain to give our guest bathroom a little more personality. I was able to create my own design by printing onto waterproof vinyl, and I am SO happy with the results. My design is very much inspired by 1960s pop art, think Andy Warhol. And the design is similar to this awesome project Mandi shared some time ago. 

I teamed up with our friends at Canon USA to create this project. I recently started using their new PIXMA TS9020, and I love it! Other than being a printer that fits all my at-home printing needs (great colored photos, craft projects, as well as scanning and printing work documents), I love the new design. It's white, boxy, and more compact, so it fits right in on my office desk. You can see some pictures of the new printer below if you're curious. There are also 4 different printers in this new series. You can take a look at each of them here!

DIY shower curtain (via  This was such a fun and easy project to make that can have a big impact on your bathroom space, bonus points that it's totally renter-friendly too. I'll share how I made mine along with some additional ideas for changing up this project to suit your style in case your not a pop art fanatic like me. :)

-clear shower curtain + rings (I used this one, but any clear curtain will do.)
-Canon PIXMA TS9020
-copy paper
-colored card stock
-inkjet vinyl paper (I used this one.)

Once you've got your supplies in hand, here's how to create a design. 

Make a bw versionStep One: Create a black and white version of your design. Since I was aiming to create a pop art inspired look, I took a few images of fruit I had photographed and edited them black and white. You could do this in Photoshop or with an editing app like A Color Story. Print the black and white images out (two to a page if your design fits).

Make a color version Color copiesStep Two: Now scan and print the images to the colored card stock. You can use the copy feature on the printer for this, which makes it SUPER easy!

Ink jet vinyl printing projectStep Three: Cut out the colored shapes, scan, and print to the vinyl paper. Be sure to check any instructions your vinyl paper comes with. For example, mine recommended choosing the "high gloss" paper setting when printing to ensure the ink didn't run. Another great feature about this printer is it has a rear tray so that loading different material types like this vinyl paper is super easy. 

You might be wondering why I cut the shapes out before printing to vinyl. I was aiming to use the least amount of ink as possible, so I didn't want to print a huge colored area that I just planned to discard later. I LOVE printing all my colored photos at home, so I like to save my ink whenever I can to be more economical. I was actually sort of amazed how little ink I used throughout this project when you consider how many colored shapes I printed out—hooray!

Cut out vinyl shapes Make your own shower curtainStep Four: Cut out the vinyl shapes and adhere to the outside of the shower curtain. You'll want to adhere your design to the outside for two reasons. First, even though the vinyl is waterproof, this will still likely help to make this project last longer in your home through use. And second, the back of the vinyl I purchased is a soft white. So, they are not see through or clear, meaning if you want to see the design, it needs to go on the outside. From the inside (when you are taking a shower), the shapes appear white or kind of cloudy and you can see the design peeking through some, but it looks way better from the outside. 

DIY shower curtain (via       There are SO many ways you could change this project up! You could print a more realistic looking picture to the vinyl, like succulents, florals, or your pet. That could give you a similar look to this project, or this one if you go the pet route. I think this could also be a fun one to make for a friend who just bought their first home. :) Really easy to do and the result is so fun!

DIY shower curtain (via And for all you long-time readers who might be thinking, "This bathroom looks an awful lot like the old studio house bathroom... what gives?" Good eye. My guest bathroom is a bit on the small side and only has one small window, so it's quite dark. I really wanted to show off my curtain in the photos I shared, so I asked Katie if she'd let me photograph it in her bathroom (the old studio house), and she said yes. Which by the way, if you have a friend who will let you come over and randomly invade their bathroom to take photos in, you have a very good friend indeed. :) I'll show you guys the curtain in my bathroom on IG stories today if you follow @abeautifulmess. Happy crafting! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.


Picnic Date Dress 4Hey, friends!! We wanted to share a bunch of NEW stuff we have available at Oui Fresh, just in time for Valentine's Day!! 

First up, this dress. It's a new favorite of mine as I am LOVING off the shoulder styles this year. Perfect for picnic season coming up! 

White Pom Pom Earring 2Next up, these super pretty pom pom earrings. Prepare for an insane number of compliments... haha! 

Blush Heart Choker 1And this really pretty blush heart choker. I'll wear anything with hearts on it! 

Get yours at OuiFresh.comNew color in The Babe tees! This is the first time we've had this design available in a white shirt, and I am loving it! 

Plant Lady shirt. Get yours at OuiFresh.comAnd we also did a red version of Plant Lady in honor of Valentine's Day. These are both limited edition! 

We also restocked sold out styles in the shop. Can't wait to see you guys wearing these pieces!! Be sure to tag #OUIFRESH when you post a pic on Instagram, and maybe we'll repost your photo! xx -Elsie 

Easy messy updo for shorter hair (click-through for the full tutorial) Whenever I cut my hair shorter, people inevitably seem to say, "Oh that will be so much easier!" The idea is usually that shorter hair will lead to a shorter morning routine and less upkeep. But in fact, I find shorter hair is so much harder to deal with—and I don't think I'm alone! With short hair, you can't just throw it up in a bun or ponytail (unless you deploy an army of bobby pins), which means you have to style it every morning. Sure it doesn't take as long to dry, but a bad hair day is also harder to hide! I do have a few quick styles I learned though that will give you a chic 'do with minimum time and effort, like today's messy updo that only needs a few bobby pins and will actually work better if your hair is a bit on the messy and dirty side.Easy messy hair updo (click-through for the full tutorial)Step One: Take a section of hair from the top of your head and twist it. You want less hair than if you were doing a half updo.

Step Two: Back comb the twist a bit, and then twist it into a messy bun. Insert a bobby pin or two to hold in place. If it feels loose, take it down and backcomb it a bit more, then try again. The backcombing really makes this style hold.

Step Three: Take another section of hair under your first twist and twist that. Backcomb it, spin it into a messy bun, and pin in place.

Step Four: Take your remaining hair, twist, backcomb, and pin.

Step Five: Insert any additional bobby pins if necessary, and mess up the hair a bit to keep it looking soft.

Easy messy updo (click-through for the full tutorial)That's it! I only have to use around five bobby pins, and this look holds all day long. The backcombing is definitely the trick to keeping everything in place. This look really works even when your hair is super messy or more textured and doesn't take much longer to do than a regular bun. So in this case, you can have your cake and eat it too, or rather your shorter hair and your easy morning routine! Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom


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