How to Create Beachy Waves (With a Flat Iron)

How to get beachy waves with a flat iron (click for tutorial)  How to get beachy waves with a flat iron (click for tutorial)   Earlier this month we got to work on a bunch of style posts with our dear friend AnnaRose Kern. AnnaRose is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist based in Los Angeles. She works on shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Sing-Off, America's Next Top Model, and The Hunger Games, to name a few. She is also an experienced consultant in cosmetic development, working with brands like Kat Von D for Sephora and Julie Hewett Cosmetics. All the ladies of ABM felt like we learned a TON while she was in town, and we can't wait to share her tips and expert advice with you in the coming months!

How to get beachy waves with a flat iron (click for tutorial) Today AnnaRose is sharing how to achieve these beachy-looking waves. Take it away!

How to get beachy waves with a flat iron (click for tutorial)    How to get beachy waves with a flat iron (click for tutorial)     Doing beach waves with a flat iron isn’t exactly a new style, but here is my favorite twist on it. This works great on long or short hair!

How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial)1. Start with clean, dry hair. Apply heat protector as you go to keep hair healthy! 

2. Section out your hair. Because mine is short, I typically just clip up the top, but if you have longer hair you might need to do three sections. I like to work my way up from the bottom, but you can section however you feel comfortable. 
How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial). 3. Take a 1-inch section of hair and bend it away from your face with the iron. 

How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial).  Now here's the key to this look. Only go about 3/4 of the way down your hair—don’t curl all the way to the ends!
How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial) 4. The next section you take should be the same size, but curl it in the OPPOSITE direction of the previous. This will give your hair tons of movement and body and keep your waves from clumping together!
How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial)  5. Repeat this process until all of your hair is curled.

How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial)    How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial)   6. Stick your hands in your hair and mess it up! Don’t be afraid! You’re not going to ruin your curls; it shouldn’t look perfect anyways! Break apart the waves and style it with your fingers to a shape you like. You can use some styling cream here for definition if you like.

How to get beachy waves (click through for tutorial).   7. Take your flat iron and just tap the very ends of your hair to make sure they’re straight. The straight ends add a cool, modern edge to this beachy look. 
Products to use for beachy waves8. Lock it in with a little hairspray, and you’re good to go! (Above you can see the products I used.)
How to get beachy waves with a flat iron (click for tutorial)I love this look because it's quick and easy and works on every length. The bend in the middle of the hair adds movement without looking too “done.” xo. AnnaRose
Credits // Author: AnnaRose Kern. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella from the A Beautiful Mess actions. Crystal necklace from Soul Purpose Creations. If you use AnnaRosa's styling tips, feel free to tag her on Instagram or Twitter @theannarose. 
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DIY Faux Fur Chair Covers and Cushions

DIY Faux Fur Chair covers (click through for tutorial)Hello, it's Katie here! I've been working hard at sprucing up our dining room lately. I love having people over for big brunches and fun dinners, but our dining room had a few issues, and it was getting to the point where it wasn't a comfortable place to gather. Our old Formica table had started sagging pretty badly in the middle, and the edges of the top were peeling up. The legs on our metal chairs had lost their foot caps, which meant anytime someone would scoot in or out, the floor was getting all scraped up. When our friends come over, we usually end up sitting at the table and chatting or playing games, so it's an important space for us to make cozy. 

The first thing I did was choose a simple, affordable chair. These Ikea chairs were pretty much exactly what I was looking for, within my budget, and I was able to have them shipped directly to my house. The kiddos weren't too excited about them because they were hard, wooden chairs instead of our cushy ones we had in the past. The first part of this DIY is a solution to exactly that! 

-faux fur 
-cotton fabric
-pillow inserts
-canvas trim

Step 1- measure the coverLet's make cushions for our chairs!

Step One: Choose a size for your cushions. I opted for pillow inserts instead of cutting foam to fit, because I wanted these to be extra padded. Lay your pillow out and decide how much vinyl you will need for each cushion. My pillows were 16", so I cut 18" squares for each.

Step 2- pin strings into placeStep Two: Once you have cut your fabric, it's time to sew it! Lay your two pieces of vinyl so the back sides are facing out, and stitch 3/4 of the way around. I gave my cushions a curved edge because I thought it looked a little softer than a very pointed edge. Once you have made it 3/4 of the way around, position two pieces of your canvas trim 2" or so from the corner. Use your machine to sew about 12" in toward the middle from both remaining open corners. Make sure to leave a decent-sized opening in the center of this last edge—that's where we will be stuffing the pillow!

Step 3- clip the edgesStep Three: If you choose to make your edges curved like mine, now is the time to clip the edges in order to achieve a nice corner once the vinyl is flipped. After you've done each corner, flip your vinyl right side out and stuff the pillow inside. Go ahead and close the opening with a blind stitch, and you're all done!

Here's what mine turned out to look like:

DIY vinyl chair cushions (click through for tutorial)Use the canvas strings to tie your cushion to the chair! I chose vinyl for my cushions because I knew they would be wipeable and easy to clean!

To make the dining room cozier, I wanted to add in a soft texture. You can never go wrong with pretty (faux) fur in my opinion, so I got to work on creating soft covers for our chairs.

Step 1- measure out your fabric and cutStep One: First, measure your chair and decide how long your cover will need to be. Once you get your numbers (mine was 18" x 44"), carefully cut your fur. Try to stay as close to the fabric/under the fur as possible. If you just cut this like normal fabric, you will have fur that looks like it just went to the barber—all chopped. Cut your cotton fabric to the same size.

Step 2- layer your fabricStep Two: Now it's time for pinning! Lay your fur out so the fluffy side is up. Place one piece of canvas trim at the top right corner and one piece at the top left corner. Place one more piece of trim 14" (more or less depending on the length of your fabric) down from the top on either side. Layer your cotton fabric on top of the fur and trim face down. Pin all the edges, leaving a gap in the bottom right corner.

Step 3- pin edges and sewStep Three: Stitch along the edges, remembering to leave that gap at the bottom corner. Once you've made it all the way around, flip your cover right side out. Stitch the gap closed and tie on to your chair!

Removable faux fur chair coversRemovable fur chair covers (click through for tutorial)Removable fur chair covers (click through for DIY)We have kids, so these chair covers work perfectly for our family. I can just remove the seat cover when the wee ones are eating something a little messy and put them back on when they're done! 

Love the colors and textures in this dining spaceLove this dining space!Faux fur chair covers (click through for tutorial)Our dining room is really starting to feel like a wonderful place to have friends and family over! It's such a happy, cozier space now!

Stay tuned for a DIY on this beautiful table! I sent Josh a terrible sketch of a table I had in my head, and he whipped up something even better than I could have imagined! Such a talented guy! xo. Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Sarah Rhodes and Katie Shelton. Photos edited with Imogen from the Folk Collection and Celeste from the Fresh Collection. Rug from UnCommon Goods, "eat a rainbow" print/DIY, chandelier/thrifted.

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Quotable T-Shirts

DIY quotable t-shirtsDIY quotable t-shirts DIY quotable t-shirts  Elsie and I had a lot of fun making these SUPER simple quote T-shirts. These make a rad gift, and we talk more about our inspiration for the quotes we choose in the video. We teamed up with Canon USA using our Canon PIXMA MG7120 printer for this project.

With this being such an easy project (who hasn't made iron-on shirts before?), we thought it'd be another great opportunity for us to get more comfortable talking on camera. So we shared some of our go-to iron-on tips in the video below.

How'd we do? Let us know in the comments on YouTube!

A few notes: We used a couple different kinds of transfer papers; our favorite was Avery Light Transfer. Whatever paper you use, be sure to read the instructions as iron-on times and other details can vary slightly. 

And "Coffee Me" and "Brunch Me" aren't as much quotes as life mottos. :)

DIY quotable t-shirts    If you have any comments or questions, let us know on our YouTube channel. We'd love to hear from you! Happy weekend. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photography and Video: Sarah Rhodes. Music: Jeremy Larson. Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited using A Beautiful Mess actions


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LAST CALL: At Home With Submissions

At home1At home2At home3Over the past two years we've been so lucky to get invited to take a peek into so many truly beautiful and inspiring homes! We adore our At Home With feature and have loved seeing many of your spaces. 

For now, we plan to move on to a few other features we're excited to share with you, so consider this a LAST CALL for anyone who's been wanting to submit his or her home to be featured. You can still email us through the month of July with your best photos of your home at: submit AT redvelvetart DOT com.

Thank you for inviting us in! xo. The ABM Team

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Work Wears

Emma ChapmanPug shirtEmma Chapman   Sparkle glassesDesktopRecently we got a few requests on Instagram to see what Elsie and I typically wear to work. We thought that sounded like fun, so we're happy to share some peeks now and again.

Here's what I wore to the office one day this past week. Lots of days you'll find me in the kitchen testing things out for our site. But some days I have mostly meetings or computer work to catch up on and that was the case this day—so I got to wear some impractical shoes! I wear much more comfy shoes for days I'm moving around the kitchen cooking, styling, and photographing food.

You can also see a little glimpse of my office space. We've been shuffling around our offices a bit lately as our team has grown this past year, and we're trying to utilize our space needs as best we can. I still have some art to hang up above my desk, but other than that I'm pretty much done (for now anyway).

Emma Chapman Emma Chapman  Thanks for letting me share. Have a great weekend! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. Emma's wearing: pug shirt / ASOS, collar shirt and skirt / F21, shoes c/o Swedish Hasbeens, glasses / A Beautiful Mess for BonLook, computer bag / A Beautiful Mess for Kelly Moore, gold purse c/o NeedSupply. Emma's office area: colorful clock / DIY, desk and curtains / Target, chair / Amazon, file cabinet / Poppin.

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