Print oversized engineer prints in COLOR! (click through for more)     So, as far as inexpensive wall decor goes, this is a game changer. I just about fell off my chair when I saw that you can print those giant engineer prints from Staples in color now! Whoa. I have used the black and white engineer print option for so many things from party decor to large Photo Booth prints, so I'm pretty ecstatic to be able to have a color option as well.

Now, I do have to mention that there are a few caveats to this amazing news. First, not all Staples have the machine to do this yet (I had to call around to find one near me), and second, you can't print a full color photo. By that I mean that they will only let you print a photo that has 30% of the image in color. Once I heard that restriction, I had to switch gears a bit and choose a photo that had a lot of white space around the colored image (like this adorable downloadable pineapple print from our good buddy Sarah Rhodes—love her!!). They didn't bat an eye when I gave them the file to print, so I have a feeling that rule isn't always strictly enforced (and I've seen a few of other people's prints that had the whole page in color). Anyway, try a full color image first if you want since you may get lucky. Just be prepared to have that restriction thrown at you. So have a backup image just in case.

Print oversized engineer prints in COLOR! (click through for more)      I like to use Photoshop first to size up my photos to the final printed size to make the image as clear as I can (use the best resolution and largest size photo you can for best results). To get the best quality engineer print, open the picture in Photoshop and go to "Image" and then "Image Size". Your photo will probably be at 72 dpi, but we are going to slowly increase the resolution to 300 dpi so you'll get a clearer print when you print it much bigger. Change your image resolution by slow increments of 10% at a time. So if you start at 72 dpi, you'll want to change it to 79, click "OK," then change to 87, click "OK," then 95, click "OK," then 104, etc., until you reach 300 dpi. Once you have the correct photo resolution, you can resize the dimensions of the photo to its final size (most blueprints will print up to 36" wide, so that's what I sized mine to) in 10% increments as needed. Save the photo on a flash drive and take it to Staples to have it printed. 

If you don't have a photo editing program like Photoshop where you can resize the photo, you can still have it printed at whatever size you want at the store, it just may be a little more pixelated than if you resize it first.

Print oversized engineer prints in COLOR! (click through for more)Print oversized engineer prints in COLOR! (click through for more)Print oversized engineer prints in COLOR! (click through for more)ErMerGerd, so cute! I like keeping summery prints and plants in the house all year round because it makes the winter months seem a little more hopeful. The crazy thing is that this 35x35" print was still under $10—HOLLA! You can bet there will be a few more of these color prints in my near future. Hope you find a use for it too! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie BowlHey, friends! Today I want to share with you a healthy and SUPER delicious smoothie bowl idea. It's basically non-dairy ice cream. It's REALLY good. After I snapped these photos today, Laura and I shared the whole thing! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl, serves one.
2 frozen bananas 
1 cup unsweetened almond milk 
2 tablespoons peanut butter 
1 tablespoon dark cocoa powder 

(for garnish, all optional) 
1 banana (unfrozen) 
chia seeds 
coconut flakes 
dark chocolate flakes 
sliced almonds 

In a blender, combine the frozen bananas, almond milk, peanut butter and cocoa powder. Blend until creamy. It should be about the consistency of soft serve ice cream. 

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl Pour it into a bowl and use a spoon to smooth out the top, preparing it for toppings. 

Garnish with toppings of your choice. Fresh banana slices are SUPER good with this recipe. The rest is up to you! All the things I used are listed above. 

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl   Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl   Enjoy!! xx. Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

At Home with Sarah GibsonChairs/Vintage.

Happy NYE! We're so excited to share Sarah Gibson's beautiful home with you today. Her style is simple and sleek and we love the cozy vibes throughout the space. The hunter green walls and those amazing dining room chairs really made us swoon! Ready to see more?

Dining roomBright kitchen"I live with my husband, Kalyn, and our giant schnauzer, Finn. We purchased this home as a fixer upper and completed the majority of the construction and renovation ourselves. We’ve owned the home for around 3 years now, but this will be our second year living here. We fell in love with the character and charm of the old house (built in the early 1900s), but mostly the opportunity to make it our own. As a foreclosure, it was really one of the few homes that fit our budget.

White kitchen"I love spending time in the kitchen. It’s an open concept space joined with the dining room and we spend a lot of time there. The majority of our budget went into this room, and I’m so happy with the transformation! We love cooking, sharing meals and entertaining friends and family here. This room also has the best lighting! In addition to the natural light, Kalyn added a ton of recessed light fixtures and everything is on a dimmer (even the pendants), so it’s a really versatile environment at any time of day.

Gallery wallTV Stand/STORnewyork, Chair/West Elm, Horse Print/F2images, Peony Print/Katie Stratton.

Living roomSarah GibsonGuest bedroomDecor details"I’m a big fan of finding vintage pieces to incorporate into our home. Those are usually the items that are the most special. My favorite vintage pieces include: the dining chairs, sideboard, and night stands (in both the master and guest rooms). My favorite DIYs would be the dining chairs, master bedroom night stands and this gallery light.

HallwayMaster bedroomBedroom decorMudroomBench/CB2.

BathroomLoved these circle mirrors!Painting/Lauren Stern.

"This is our second year living in our home. It continues to change and evolve. Looking back at old images, it’s difficult to remember the condition in which we purchased the house. It certainly feels more “lived in” as we accumulate things that make us happy…and the addition of a dog to our family (who constantly messes things up). I’ll never have clean windows as long as Finn is around, at least the lower half."

Thanks for sharing, Sarah! You can find more of Sarah via Room for Tuesday and on Instagram.

Credits//Author: Sarah Gibson. Photography: Sarah Gibson and Dana Miller.

Favorite sister styleOh man, you guys, 2015 was just NUTS! I didn't entirely realize it until I started trying to figure out what I wanted to include in this post. To be honest, for me 2015 was a pretty emotional year. My sister (and Laura!) moved. Boo! (But of course, I support them.) Trey and I moved. I traveled way more than I've ever traveled in one year before. We started a few BIG projects. I worked, a lot. Lots of things changed at work, most good but a few that were hard. Am I making it sound bittersweet? Idk. I'm probably just feeling a bit nostalgic. Do you do that at the end of the year, or is it just me? :)

Bottom line: 2015 was way rad and I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for us. Here's some of my favorite posts / things that happened this past year. 

HabitatThis past year ABM purchased and made over a small house in our hometown, Springfield, MO. We then donated the house to Habitat for Humanity. You can read all about the project in our archives here. The project was a lot of fun and it felt really good to give back. ABM is planning to do some other kind of project this year, although I'm not sure what yet. We will likely partner with another charity or not-for-profit simply to spread the love and also highlight other great causes through our site. 

NOLA travel guideAs I mentioned, I got to travel a lot more than usual this year. I LOVED every minute of it! I got to see Charleston, Nashville (multiple times), New York (mostly for work, but it's always fun regardless), Tulum (Mexico), Amsterdam, Iceland and New Orleans. I won't even pretend to pick a favorite because why limit yourself. But, I did especially love my trip to New Orleans because it was an early anniversary trip for Trey and me. Plus, I'd been wanting to visit NOLA for nearly ten years and I was SO happy to finally make the time. 

Eggplant parm meatballsI have way too many favorite recipes from this year, but one of my favorites are these eggplant parm meatballs. I never thought I would get into eggplant—it's just so foamy! But I'm starting to come around I guess because this is seriously one of my favorites from the year. 

Homemade hot cerealIf you read Elsie's favorites from this year, you heard her mention that some of her favorite posts from the year happen to have also been sponsored posts. And you know what, I agree with her. Some of my favorites from the year are sponsored too (like this homemade hot cereal mix—I'm obsessed!), and I think it's a good sign. We're always working to keep our site and brand authentic to our vision while working with companies from time to time and also thinking about what our readers (that's you!) might love too. It's a juggle and I don't know that we always nail it, but we always try. :) And so I'm taking this as a good sign from the year. :) 

Favorite hairI don't write hair posts often (probably because I pretty much do two styles all the time), but this was a really fun post for me this year. I'm still doing my hair this way all the time, so I guess it's transferred from being my favorite summer hair to being a favorite winter hairstyle too. Hmmm...

Start small dream big courseElsie and I wrote a small business e-Course this year called Start Small / Dream Big. This was a lot of fun to write because I seriously could talk about small business forever! Also we created video lessons to go along with all the text/image lessons and that's something we've never done before. It was really fun to create a more candid version of the information, and so far students seem to be loving it. :)

Opening a barAnd speaking of small businesses, Trey and I, along with our partners (and friends), Josh and Rogan, purchased a building this year and we will be filling it with a rum bar! We're gonna be open SOOOO soon now that it's feeling crazy (in a good way). I can't wait to give you guys a virtual tour of all the work we've done inside the building and then share more about the project over the coming years. :)

Easy DIY coffee tableI write about food more often than home decor and crafts, but I LOVE making projects and sharing them from time to time. One of my favorites this year was this super easy DIY coffee table. It's sitting in our new living room as I type this. I love making simple projects for my space, it just makes it feel all the more special. 

On that note, I've got to say, the other authors of this blog have totally KILLED it this year. I am always so inspired by what Elsie, Laura, Mandi, Rachel, LaTonya and Katie dream up. We also have a few new contributing writers that you'll see more from in 2016, and I could not be more excited. We've had a great team in 2015, and I can't wait to see it expand a little in 2016!

Angela underwaterLoved sharing the equipment I use for underwater photography. I used my gear in both Tulum and Iceland this year and it makes water activities even more fun for me since I pretty much just want to be taking photos the whole time I'm on a trip. :)

Also, if you've never checked out our photography archives before, you totally need to. Janae contributed a bunch of useful articles this year. 

Empty home tourWe moved this year. So of course I had to share a rambling video home tour of our house just before we moved in. So much has changed already! I can't wait to share some room tours with you guys in 2016. 

We also have a super exciting NEW home decor type project that we're gonna share with you all soon. I think you're gonna like it, so I can't wait until we can spill the beans on that one. :)

Sewed my first dress2015 was the year I got way more into sewing than ever before. I blame having helped edit the Sew With Us e-Course (which totally rocks, btw). I sewed my first dress from scratch, among some other easy and fun projects. I'm planning to make 2016 the year I tackle my first quilt. Pretty excited for that!

ABM cookbookIt's hard to say what my favorite moment of 2015 was...but it MIGHT be the day I found out we got a cookbook deal


Ahem, excuse me.

Guys, it's been a dream of mine for years to write a cookbook. We're already past our first deadline and the project is really starting to take shape and feel like it has a clear direction. I think you're really gonna love the concept, or at least I hope you do. I love it. :) The only drawback is sadly I won't be bugging you to preorder until 2017. So we've got some time before then. 

Thank you so, so much! Like from the bottom of my heart thank you, guys! Why? Because ABM would not exist without our amazing and kindhearted readers. I think this is one of the very best corners of the Internet because you guys make it so, and it truly inspires me everyday. Thank you for a wonderful 2015—I hope you're gonna stick around for next year because we have lots of exciting things in store just for you! xo. Emma

2Here we are again, friends! Sharing a LONG DISTANCE sister style. We're gonna get real good at this. It's kind of like online dating (OK, it's nothing like online dating). For this Sister Style, Emma sent me her (REALLY CUTE) photos, and I took some too. And even though we didn't get to use it as an excuse to take a break and get a latte together (our usual routine), it made me miss her a lot. And the dogs too! 

133Never not perfect. 

333Emma's Wearing: Sweater/My late great grandmother's, Jeans and Necklace/F21, Shoes/H&M. 

8(I will accept ANY excuse to show my colored glassware. So shameless!) 

9Sorry not sorry for my terrible modeling here. I'm not a pro, you guys. But I swear I'm trying my best. 

10Probably the greatest thing I've purchased on Etsy this year, if not ever! 

10Still obsessed with collecting these little enamel pins friends. 

10Kind of a fun silk scarf idea! Just tie a double knot at the top, tuck in the tails and really REALLY pull the knot out till it looks like a cook turban. 

Elsie's Wearing: Jacket/ModCloth, LaCroixs Over Boys tank/Etsy, Scarf/Vintage, Pins/Studio DIY, Valley Cruise Press, Big Bud Press, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens. 

Hope you are having a great day! xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Janae Hardy and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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