Sequin Fried Egg Sleep Mask DIY (click through for tutorial)     I'm definitely one of those people that loves to sleep in the darkest room possible. I'm a bit of a light sleeper too, so sleep masks are always helpful for falling asleep either at home or in sleep circumstances that are less than ideal like cars, airplanes or hotel rooms. I've used sequins a few times to add some fun onto sweatshirts (like this phrase sweatshirt and this lips sweatshirt), and I thought it would be a great addition to a make a cute sleep mask as well. Since I always have brunch on my mind in the morning, a fried egg sleep mask seemed like the perfect idea!

Sequin Fried Egg Sleep Mask DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-plain sleep mask
-white felt
-white sequin trim
-gold/yellow sequin trim
-fabric scissors
-fabric glue

Sequin Fried Egg Sleep Mask DIY (click through for tutorial) First you'll want to cut out two pieces of white felt in your fried egg shape. Just try to think of it as basically a circle or an oval shape that has 4-5 uneven bumps around the edges. Once you get two good shapes you like, use some fabric glue to glue them to each side of the top of your sleep mask. Use a pen to lightly mark two smaller circles on each shape that will be where the yellow of your egg goes.

Sequin Fried Egg Sleep Mask DIY (click through for tutorial)  Take your white sequin trim and use the fabric glue to glue the sequins all the way around the outside of your felt egg shape (try to get it to hang a little over the edge if you can). Keep gluing the trim all the way around, overlapping the next row with the previous one just a bit until you come to the inside circle that you marked off. If you need to get more trim in a different section, you can always double back over an area you already covered or you can cut the trim, make sure that end is glued down and then start a new section where needed.

Sequin Fried Egg Sleep Mask DIY (click through for tutorial)   Once your white is complete, start to glue the gold/yellow trim from the middle of the marked off circle, and wind it around and around until you have the size middle that you want. Make sure your trim end is glued down well and let the glue fully set before use.

Sequin Fried Egg Sleep Mask DIY (click through for tutorial)    Sequin Fried Egg Sleep Mask DIY (click through for tutorial)    Adorable! Since the sequins are on the outside of the mask, they won't bother you while you sleep, but if you start dreaming of all breakfast items from now on, I guess you'll know why! This sleep mask would also make a great gift for your brunch buddy (maybe make yourself a matching pair) and give it with a gift certificate to your favorite spot. If you need your sleep space a little darker and also love a good 11am pancake run, this sleep mask may be egg-actly what you need! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.


Pink Lemonade Jello ShotsHey, friends! I'm here to share our most popular and personal favorite posts of 2016.

On the list of things less shocking than Donald Trump being elected president... jello shots are still crazy popular here on ABM. These pink lemonade jello shots were one of our most popular posts of the year (#10 to be exact) and the most pinned. I predict that after #gummerbaby is born, we'll get back to a steady routine of jello shot recipes in 2017. 

Sister styleOur most loved Sister Style post this year was entitled "Age Appropriate Clothing". So very appropriate. 

The home editThe number one post of the year was from our collab with The Home Edit, see the post here. Their tips really inspired me, and we're already planning to collaborate on my BABY CLOSET in 2017. Ugh—are we all going to puke from the cuteness? (Yes! Can't wait!) 

Wooden Wardrobe DIYThe most popular DIY of the year was this amazing wooden wardrobe by Rachel. I'm not surprised because it's cute, affordable and a do-able... THAT, my friends, is the holy trinity of DIY. 

Coconut coffee creamerThis year's top recipe post was a bit of a head-scratcher. I guess you guys REALLY like coffee creamer! (It's delicious!)

Elsie larsonAnd the news of not ONE but TWO ABM babies coming soon is pretty damn exciting!


Frozen Pisco SoursHere are a few of Emma's personal favorite posts (that she wrote) from this year! Hot Cauliflower Pizza, Frozen Pisco Sours, Chocolate Snowcap Mountain, My New Pineapple Tattoo and a tour of The Golden Girl Rum Club. (Their one year anniversary is next month!) 

Palm Springs Kids RoomsAnd here are a few of my favorite posts this year (that I wrote)... Rainbow Accent Wall, How I Recolored My Kitchen Appliances, Faux Cement Tile DIY, Watermelon Margaritas, Easy-to-Care-for Houseplants, Palm Springs Inspired Kiddo Guest Room (augh!), Elsie's Record Player Setup, Fruit + Tonics and My Renovation Mistakes

Love you guys! Thank you so much for your support, love and kindness in 2016! And 2017, we welcome you with OPEN arms. xx! Elsie 

Five minute rolled updo (click-through for the full tutorial)As a kid I always imagined the holidays would be full of fancy dresses and elaborate parties when I was an adult. You know, like an old Ginger Rogers film, because you know, that was a realistic goal. The reality is quite different. When my friends and family do get together around the holidays, it's usually quite casual. Still, I love any excuse to get a bit fancy. So I usually am overdressed at any gathering during this season. Dinner at my parents' house? Why not throw on those sequins with a sparkly headband?

Of course, I'm also almost always running late as an adult (I was so prompt as a teen—I feel like I used all my prompt days up!), so quick hairstyles are also a must. This style fits the bill as being chic enough for the fanciest party, but something you can do in five minutes so you don't have to feel super overdone if your party isn't Ginger-Rogers-fabulous. Five minute rolled updo (click-through for the full tutorial)Step One: Place a headband on top of your hair.

Step Two: Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your headband. 

Step Three: Pull the section tight. 

Step Four: Keep taking small sections of your hair and wrapping it around your headband.

Step Five: If you have shorter hair, you might need to use a few bobby pins as you go, or at the very least when you get to the last, short section of hair. 

Step Six: Place bobby pins in your hair sideways.

Easy rolled updo (click-through for the full tutorial)That's it! Done in five minutes or less, and yet it looks so elegant. For the holidays, I love this style with a sparkly headband, but if you're feeling more casual, it can also be done with a silk scarf or a less flashy headband. I'm actually wearing two headbands here; a simple black, elastic headband to keep the style in place and one of my favorite decorative headbands! If you have longer hair, you can also pull apart this style a bit to make it more soft and romantic. Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom

Get in the shot Mixed media gallery wall We are beyond excited to introduce to you all today our latest e-Course—Everyday Photography: 52 Weeks of Documenting Life. We are constantly amazed by how BUSY life can get sometimes! Before you realize it, a whole year can pass by, just like that. It's important to slow down, to notice and appreciate the everyday little things. And it's even more important to make some time to document them so you can preserve and share these memories for years to come. It was with this in mind that we created a new course with weekly challenges to help you capture your real, everyday life. The course was developed by Rachel Denbow with contributions from Elsie and Emma. 

AbstractThe course is designed so every month has 3-4 photography challenges that you can complete with any camera (even a smartphone). The goal is not to get overly technical, but rather to encourage you to take time to photograph moments and things that you might have otherwise overlooked. Each month also contains a printed DIY challenge, to encourage you to get some of those great images off your computer and phone and into your home. Check the course description for a complete list of photography and printed DIY challenges to see what's in store! 

DIY calendarLifeguard picNight photoKit supplies for Everyday PhotographyEveryday Photography also comes with a kit to aid you in the printed DIY challenges! The kit plus shipping is included in the price of the course for domestic (USA) customers, international shipping is an additional $5 USD. The kit is only available while supplies last—so don't hesitate to get started now! Once the kit is sold out, we will update the shop listing so you'll know.
In the above photo you can see what comes with each kit: an ink pad (ONE of the three colors pictured above), a sticker sheet, a custom stamp set, and a mini (4x4) album for journaling or adding photos to (or both!). 
On my plateEveryday Photography is $45 USD (includes course, kit, and domestic shipping).
So if you're looking to start your year with a fun and creative challenge that you'll be SO glad you did, then please check out Everyday Photography. xo. Emma, Elsie, and Rachel
Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Rachel Denbow, Janae Hardy, and Emma Chapman. 

Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)        I remember that about 10 years ago I used to have a locket that I loved to wear on a daily basis. It wasn’t even so much that the necklace itself was awesome, I think I just loved having a secret photo compartment where I could keep a photo of my ultimate crush (my now husband, Todd). I’ve never really gotten another locket since that one bit the dust, and I think it’s mostly because my tastes changed and I just wasn’t a “necklace that looks like a locket” person anymore. Since my guy travels a lot for his musician job, I’m usually always interested in ways to keep his photos or notes nearby, and I remembered that a locket is actually the perfect way to do that! We teamed up with our friends at Canon USA to create a more subtle, modern take on a locket. I thought a “hidden” photo pendant would be just what I needed, and it turns out that it’s really easy to do!

Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-2 heart stamping blanks
-Canon PIXMA MG7720 and photo paper
-Mod Podge
-jump ring (I would get a variety pack so you have options.)
-chain of your choice
-jewelry needle nose pliers
-small hole punch (optional)

Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)         First you’ll want to choose a photo to put inside your necklace. Measure your stamping blank and try to resize your photo to a good size so that the main part of your face/faces will fit inside the heart area. I made mine a few sizes (some a little bigger and some a little smaller) so I would have at least one that was the perfect size. My PIXMA MG7720 was perfect for this project since I could print a variety of sizes onto the photo paper and not lose any of the image quality.  

Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial) Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)  On a blank spot of paper, trace your heart pendant and use scissors to cut out the shape. Place the cut out stencil over each size photo until you find one that has the right size for the locket. Trace the stencil onto the photo, and then cut the photo out.

Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)   Glue the photo onto the top side of one of your hearts and let it completely dry (the Mod Podge won't work for this part, you'll need a multi surface glue to attach the photo). Once dry, brush a coat of Mod Podge over top of the image and let it dry (you can do a second coat if you like). Once the sealer is dry, punch a hole in the photo where the hanging hole is in the heart (or if you don’t have the right size hole punch, you can also cut out a “true” heart shaped photo when you cut it out, avoiding the hanging hole area all together).

Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)    Place your second heart on top of the one with the photo, and use pliers and a jump ring to connect the two. Attach your swinging locket pendant to a chain, and your necklace is complete!

Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)     Swinging Heart Photo Locket DIY (click through for tutorial)     The great thing about this necklace is that it looks pretty “normal” from the front, and it’s not until you slide the top one to the side that your secret photo appears—surprise! It’s great to have a cute wearable item to feel like a loved one is always nearby, and this would be a great gift as well! I think whoever you give one to will be able to tell that it’s “from the heart.” ;) xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions



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