Rosé Slushee Recipe... FroséHey, friends! I am super excited to share my quick trick for making a Rosé Slushee (also known as "Frosé" haha). It's so easy you're going to love it!!! 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé First pour rosé into ice cube molds. It does not matter if they are big or small cubes. They will freeze within 5-6 hours and be as frozen as they will ever be, which is very soft. Even if you leave them overnight or for a couple days in the freezer, they will never become hard like ice cubes. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé  Use a spoon to remove each soft ice cube. Fill your glass with a few cubes. I think I used three of these medium cubes for my small glass. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé    Crush the cubes up with a spoon. It will be VERY easy to crush the soft ice cubes into a slushee texture. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé      Are you getting excited?! This is INSANELY SIMPLE, you guys! 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé       Last step! Add a teeny bit of liquid, just a splash! If you like a less sweet drink, just add a little rosé. If you want to sweeten it up, add a splash of cranberry juice or lemonade. I think making it a little bit sweeter adds to the snow cone element. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé        Garnish with a cherry if you like! You can eat it with a spoon or sip it. 

Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé         Rosé Slushee Recipe... Frosé         Hope you guys enjoy this fun summer drink idea! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

Day + Night Makeup           Day + Night Makeup
Let's talk about eye makeup! Today I'll be showing you all of my favorite tips for achieving a casual daytime eye look, and then transforming it into a glamorous eye for an evening out! We'll be playing with fake lashes, and I'll be sprinkling in a few pro-tips throughout the tutorial too!

Makeup & Tools I'm Using:
-Tartelette In Bloom Palette
-Pacifica Natural Mascara
-Urban Decay Moondust Shadow in Cosmic & Diamond Dog
-Urban Decay Metal Liner in Space Cowboy
-House of Lashes Falsies in Featherette. I also love Pixie Luxe and Iconic too!
-Morphe Brushes: E24 (lower lash line), M433 (blending crease and applying to entire lid), E14 (packing on color to lid)

Day + Night DIY SuppliesDay + Night DIY Supplies  Let's get started with the daytime look!

Step One: I mixed "Charmer" and "Flower Child" from the In Bloom palette and covered my entire lid to give my eyes a soft look and base. Using a blending brush I dipped into "Smarty Pants" and blended that color into the crease. That is seriously all for eyeshadow. It's a super easy way to add soft dimension to your eyes. It's flattering and easy for an everyday look!

Step Two: Skipping the eye liner, coat your lashes with mascara. I went in and added a few coats to my top and bottom lashes. I've really been enjoying this natural mineral mascara from Pacifica lately. Pro tip – if you notice your mascara isn't giving you the same umph as usual, replace it! Mascara usually expires after about three months.

Day Time MakeupDay + Night DIY Supplies     Step Three: You can certainly stop after the first two steps... but if you love a little shimmer and just want to add a tiny bit to your day look, apply a little bit of "Funny Girl" to your inner corner and brow bone from the In Bloom palette. Using your finger, sweep a little bit of Urban Decay's Moondust shadow in Cosmic to your lids. I LOVE how it has such a diamond-like shimmer! 

Day + Night Makeup   Day + Night Makeup     Our daytime look is complete! This is a go-to look for me, and I love how simple and easy it is to achieve something flattering and to put together in just a few minutes. Okay, ready to add a little babe factor and get on to the date night transformation?! 

For our date night look, we'll be building off of the day look we just created. This makes it easy to take a look you've already done and add in more so you save time doing your makeup! 

Step One: Using a flat makeup brush, pack on the Urban Decay Moondust shadow in "Diamond Dog". This is a beautiful chocolatey-brown shadow with iridescent shimmer. To blend out the look, I used the color "Activist" from our In Bloom palette and buffed out the crease to make everything look seamless. To get a little more of a smokey look, I blended out "Firecracker" on the lower lash line from the palette.

Step Two: Using an eye liner pen (I love felt tip ones the best!), I added in my signature cat eye. I love the way a cat eye looks with almost any makeup look – I can't say no! :) My favorite way to do a cat eye is to start with creating the wing, then bring the liner from the center of your lid to meet up with the wing you just created and fill it in, add in and touch up as needed! 

Night Time Makeup Step Three: Time for lashes! Again, you can absolutely skip this step if you're not a fan of falsies, BUT if you're looking to add a lot of glam to your look, this is instant glam! A few quick tips on applying lashes – be sure to trim them to fit your eye. It's the worst to have them poking into the corners of your eyes... ouch! After applying your lash glue, let them sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute so the glue gets tacky before applying. This will make it much easier to get them into the correct place. Lastly, look down into your mirror when applying. It makes it easier to see what you're doing and get a better application. I personally love the lashes from House of Lashes. The quality is really nice, and they have several styles from a more natural look to super glam that you can try! Also, I like to add a little bit of liner to the band of the lashes once they've been applied just to make everything look seamless. 

Day + Night DIY Supplies    Bonus: Again, if you want a little more sparkle, one of my favorite tricks is to add just a touch of metal liner in Space Cowboy from Urban Decay to my inner corners. It's something a little extra outside of a simple inner corner highlight that really adds a lot and looks lovely.

Night Time Makeup   Day + Night Makeup          I love how all of the shimmer and sparkle really catch the light, especially with our date night look! Can you imagine how pretty this would be over a low-light dinner or out and about with those downtown lights giving you all types of sparkle? Yes please! ;)

My go-to has always been a simple eye with mascara, and I love how this makes it so easy to really glam up my favorite everyday look. Raise your hand if you look forward to evenings when you get to dress up for something special! Cheers to evenings out and a touch of sparkle. Lots of love, Sav.

Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace.

Roasted grape and honey goat cheese crostiniHappy weekend! Today we're sharing some of our very favorite appetizer ideas. These recipes are especially easy to make and major crowd pleasers. :) Let's start with this roasted grape crostini with honey goat cheese. Pair it with some Prosecco and you're set!

Baked jalepeno poppersHomemade jalapeño poppers are the way to go! We give you three varieties to make.

Black bean hummusThis hummus is packed with flavor and nutrition thanks to ingredients like black beans, cayenne and cumin.

Fresh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauceFresh spring rolls are one of my favorite things! Cut these into bite size portions, and don't forget the spicy peanut sauce.

Fried picklesWho can resist fried pickles?

Jalepeno popper dipThis jalapeño popper dip is one of my go-to's for a party. Everybody loves it!

Rosemary roasted almondsEasy and super healthy! Make these rosemary roasted almonds.

Jalepeno guacamole with kaleGuacamole is always a favorite. This recipe includes all the good stuff like jalapeño and kale.

Toasted coconut onion ringsBring on the sweet and savory with toasted coconut onion rings.

Easy creamy chicken dipIf you're needing a last minute idea, this creamy chicken dip can be whipped up in no time. 

Homemade pepper jack crackersInstead of buying crackers to snack on, make your own pepper jack crackers.

Peach caprese skewers with balsamic vinegar These Caprese skewers with fresh mozzarella, basil and fresh peaches are SO good.

Homemade sweet potato chipsI love sweet potatoes. Make these homemade chips and get creative with the dipping sauces.

Baked asparagus fries with creamy lemon sauceYou have to make baked asparagus fries. The creamy lemon sauce is amazing! These won't last long...

Homemade pretzel pizza bitesCombine your love for pizza and pretzels with homemade pretzel bites.

Spinach and artichoke fondueFondue is a fun and easy way to serve guests! Try this spinach artichoke variety.

Sun-Dried tomato cilantro hummusGet creative and add sun-dried tomatoes and plenty of cilantro to your hummus.

Goat cheese logsI'm all about these delicious goat cheese logs with toppings like toasted coconut and wasabi peas.

Salmon mousseThis salmon mousse is so easy to make. Serve it on little toasts or cucumber slices.

Pepper jack bitesThese pepper jack bites are like bite size pizzas! Marinara sauce is highly recommended. :)

Be sure to share your food photos with us on Instagram using #ABMfoodie. xo. -The ABM Team

A Color Story tips for richer photos, Cali wavesWe've invited another one of our favorite A Color Story users and all-around BOSS photographer, @ariellevey, to share her secrets on creating her signature photo style. 

Hey, guys! It's Arielle, and I'm back with more tips and tricks on how to elevate your photos using (my fave) A Color Story. Today I'll be touching on how I edit my photos on a regular basis and how to achieve rich, dramatic tones. I've been editing this way since iPhone editing apps came out, but since ACS was born, I've had much more flexibility with my options. 

As with all photos, great light is key when it comes to your end result. For these particular kinds of edits, I encourage shooting in the early morning or during golden hour for deeper tones. Experiment with different times of day and remember shade is always on your side too! 

A Color Story tips for richer photos, long roadFor a jumping off point, my top three filters lately for deep tones are: Magic Hour from Good Vibes (how appropriate, am I right?!), Deep from Deep, and Patina from Deep. These three are going to automatically give off darker shadows and a natural contrast while maintaining true color. As a side note, I always apply my filter(s) first before any adjusting. This will pave the way for you to make it your own with the tools at hand moving forward. Let's get into it!

A Color Story tips for richer photos1. Adjust little by little

I'll never forget in Photoshop class before editing apps existed, I was instructed to edit in "onsies and twosies", meaning watch closely and adjust little by little to start. This goes for any change you make: filters, contrast, saturation, curves, etc. For example, with every image I edit, I rarely go 100% intensity on any given filter. I think this gives off more of a custom look and will allow for more control as you make changes to the photo. For this example, I applied the Magic Hour filter at 10%, and then continued to add contrast, saturation, yellow, and purple tint at 10% over and over. Always feel free to keep reapplying any given tool if you feel like you want more of something. I finished this edit off with the coral color fog at the top of the image.

A Color Story tips for richer photos  2. Contrast is key

Shifting contrast slightly at the beginning of any photo is a great adjustment to start with (after your filter) because it's the main tool for achieving this particular look. Essentially, you're upping the highlights and darkening the shadows. From there, you can see what the photo needs. Depending on the edit, I'll go in with contrast as a final step as well just to deepen everything a bit more. The example above only has one filter applied (Candy Girl at 70%), and the contrast was bumped up by 30%.  

A Color Story tips for richer photos   3. Shifting tones with highlight, midtone, and shadow colors  

I am truly obsessed with these tools! One reason being, it's so customizable to virtually any photo. When it comes to reds, greens, and blues, you get to choose which color you want a little bit less or more of. Here's an example of shifting midtone and shadow colors with blues and greens. This image has no filter, a tiny bit of contrast, and I bumped up the green midtone and shadow by about 50%. The other image has the same steps applied but using blues instead. This can dramatically change the look of the photo with just a couple quick steps. 

A Color Story tips for richer photos    4. Saturation is your BFF

Do not fear the saturation tool! I still start off little by little with this as well, but once I discover what colors I'm going for, I'll add 200% to some images. 

It truly depends on the shot itself, but once you start playing around, it can be so much fun to see what it can do. The only thing I would watch out for on this is skin tone. Keep it simple if so! For this photo example, I'm using a darker photo to show you how much color you can pull from using 100% saturation. This image started out with contrast at 50%, then the yellow temperature brought up by 30%, and then saturation at full intensity. 

A Color Story tips for richer photos 5. Remember: Nothing is off limits!

Digital art is so unique and there's nothing you can't do. With the slightest shift of the yellow tint tool, you can warm up the mood of your photo or bump up the red midtones on a blue sky and watch it turn pink. The filters can inspire tones and set the stage for your style of editing. Every tool is there for a reason, so experiment away! 

Thanks for taking the time to peek into my ACS techniques! I can't wait to see what you create. -Arielle

Credits // Author and Photography: Arielle Vey

Tips to avoid procrasinationWe're here with another addition of Blogging Q&A. If you missed our last one, this is a series where we take questions we have gotten from the blog, social media, or our best selling e-Course Blog Life and answer them. This week's question comes from a Blog Life student:

"How in the world do you kick procrastination when it comes to blogging? I have a lot of time, I admit. But I drag my feet every time to do a post. How can I stay active and inspired when it comes to blogging? Any tips?!!"

First off, I think we can ALL empathize, right? Even if you don't blog, we've all felt the sneaky pull of procrastination from time to time in whatever our goals may be. It's tough! Here are a few things that we've found over the years that help us: 

1. Lists + Planning.

We cannot emphasize enough how important planning is, even if you consider your blog a just-for-fun hobby. Planning is making a road map to success. Think about what your blog's overall goal is and plan out a few months' worth of content ideas that help support this overall message. Plan how often you want to post and what your big picture content goals are for the next 3 months, 6 months, and year. Then make a to-do list every day that you work on your blog to break down this plan into digestible steps. So often we can get overwhelmed with how much we want to do, or we just don't know where to start. This usually leads to wasting time on IG, Pinterest, or other activities that can easily swallow up huge amounts of otherwise productive time. Make a plan. Make a list to execute that plan. Then do the list. We know it sounds simple, and it is! But if you fail to plan, well then as they say, you plan to fail. 

2. Variety is the spice of life, I mean, blogging. 

Sometimes we procrastinate because we are bored with our current blog post, project, etc. Find ways to add some variety to your work! If you're excited and passionate about your content, your readers will be as well. Of course there are sometimes tasks that we just can't get away from, like editing big batches of similar photos, answering emails, etc. These are just as much a part of blogging as the exciting, creative stuff. You may want to ignore these tasks to work on something more interesting to you, so instead, try to find ways to speed up the process without compromising on quality. An easy example is editing big batches of photos. Look up some articles, take a course, or learn from friends how to batch edit. Challenge yourself to find ways to cut down on time spent on monotonous tasks by setting up processes that help you automate or move faster. 

3. The work hours rule.

Implement what we like to think of as "the work hours rule." This is for you stay-at-home full time bloggers as well as those working in the evening or weekends. No matter what time of day you work, when you set those work hours, stick to them. So if you plan to work on a blog post Tuesday night from 6-8pm, don't schedule anything else, don't start a load of laundry, don't check Facebook, don't start dinner at 7:45pm, etc. From 6-8pm you are all business. This is also something we deal with since we work from home. It's SO easy to get distracted by a floor that needs to be mopped, or to start scrolling through IG and then 30 minutes passes in the blink of an eye. Watch out for things like this no matter when you work – and work during those work hours!

If you want even more tips for how to be productive and get stuff done, check out this article. Also, if you love blogging and want to know more about our course, you can read more about Blog Life here. xx. Elsie + Emma

Credits// Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photo and design: Sarah Rhodes and Mara Dockery. 


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