DIY Barn Door      Hey, friends! Today I'm really excited to share a DIY that Collin and I worked on. It was over a year in the making... haha! Ever had a project like that that dragged on and on and on? Well, I'm so happy that it's finally complete because it adds SO much to Jeremy's studio both in function and "fashion". Ready to learn how to DIY a modern style barn door??? 

First, let me explain Jeremy's space a little bit and why we chose this type of door! 

You can see from the before photos of Jeremy's studio that we started out with a garage and a very small office. We converted these two smaller spaces into one big space. The office alone was too small to fit all his gear and things and would have felt very squished had we made it work. So since we are planning to live in this home for quite a while, we decided to pull the plug and make him a really nice, spacious workspace. I wanted him to be inspired every day because the main reason we moved to Nashville was for his music career. All. In. 

So after we converted the two spaces into one, we removed a sliding outdoor door that would have looked really silly indoors. The space between Jeremy's control room (where his computer and recording set up is) and the big, open room (the one that looks like a living room) was just an open doorway. 

While this doorway was nice (it lets in much-needed natural light to his control room), it was also problematic because sometimes the two spaces need to function separately. Jeremy frequently works on co-writes and does some production jobs where there are a group of people in his studio space. We really needed a door there for situations like that, but you'll see from the photos below that doors that swung out weren't a great fit for his space. 

Barn doors are really cute and fun, but they're also a great way to save space! You sacrifice wall space, but you gain more because you don't have to pull all your furniture and decor away from the door so it can swing open. 

Here's how to build a modern barn door! 

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial) Supplies:
-1/2" hardwood plywood (you'll need 2 4' x 8' boards)
-primed 8' x 5" boards for the trim (I used about 14 boards)
-wood glue
-white satin paint

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial) First you'll want to determine the size door you need for your space. It should reach up to the track hardware but still be about 1" off the floor and wide enough to completely cover the door trim. Cut down your hardwood plywood boards to your desired size (the lumber store can cut them for you if you don't have a saw). 

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial)  Place your hardwood sheets side by side so that the middle is touching as close as possible. Cut your top and bottom primed 8' x 5" boards to run the length of your door.

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial)  Before gluing the boards in place, hang the bottom board a 1/2" off of the bottom of your door so that it will just hover above the floor once installed. When you complete the back side of the door and repeat this overhang on the other side, it will create a channel for your floor guide hardware.

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial)  Use wood glue to glue the boards in place and then nail them in to secure.

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial)  Measure the sides of the door and cut your side boards to fit snugly in between the top and bottom boards. Glue and nail in place.

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial)  Measure the opening and divide into three equal sections. Cut two boards and attach them at those marked lines to create three panels.

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial)  Repeat the process and cut three small boards to divide the three sections down the middle to create six sections.

Modern Barn Door DIY (click through for tutorial)         Flip the door over (you may need a buddy for this part!), and repeat the whole process to create the same design on the other side. You can see in the photo above that also hanging the back bottom board 1/2" over the edge has created a channel for your door guide to keep the door from swinging out.

Give your door a few coats of paint and follow your sliding door hardware instructions to hang your door. 

DIY Barn Door Here's how it looks from inside his control room. Pretty, right?? 

The door is heavy and sturdy, but it also glides effortlessly! 

For the barn door hardware, I found ours at Barn Door Hardware

DIY Barn Door Here's how it looks from the other side. 

DIY Barn Door    For the handles we decided to use gold because it ties in with some of his other fixtures. We used these simple Lewis Dolin bar pulls. We've used them often around the house and they've become our go-to. 

DIY Barn Door     Smile, Jeremy! We built you a freaking barn door!!! (Haha—I'm just kidding. You do you!) 

If you guys have any questions about this project, just ask away in the comments! I'm so excited to finally share this HUGE project with you! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson and Collin DuPree. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

25 awesome gifts under $25! (click through for more!)The season of gift giving is upon us! You may have some caviar dreams when it comes to what you'd like to gift out to your gal pals, but sometimes budget restraints (or the sheer length of your list) cause you to rethink giving everyone their own miniature pony, and you have to readjust accordingly. Fear not! We've compiled a list of 25 gifts that are under $25 so you can afford to give everyone on your nice list a pretty prezzie this year!

1. How about a cute passport holder for your jet-setting pal?
2. Perfect basket to throw blankets in, kids' toys, or anything else you want to organize in style.
3. Your all-natural buds will love this blood orange lip butter. 
4. Give the gift of organized makeup with this adorable zipper bag. 
5. Add some mini-makeup into this pouch, and you'll get kisses of gratitude!
6. Share a slice pin with your pizza bestie!
7. Your spa-loving friend will go crazy for these pink Dead Sea bath salts—so pretty!
8. These cookie stamps are perfect for those who love to bake. (And maybe they will make you some to say thanks!)
9. After anything I'm ready for pizza, you feel me?
10. A sweet makeup bag for the crazy cat lady in your life.
11. How fun is this DIY letterboard phone case?
12. We all need a reminder now and then to take a chill pill (especially when you lose your keys...)
13. Whether it's coffee time or Hammer Time, this sleek watch will keep your pal on track, and it goes with everything too.
14. Perfect for your friend whose soaps are "just too pretty to use". (We all have that friend, right?)
15. Add some glam to a boring desk space with this gilded calendar.
16. You know exactly which bestie needs this boss mug, don't you? Yeah, that's what I thought...
17. Because a unicorn can be a spirit animal too.
18. This pretty catch-all dish can hold keys, jewelry, or all those loose bobby pins that mysteriously reappear when you clean your house.
19. Yeah, file this one under hilarious and also really true!
20. This would be a sweet gift with a few stackable rings already inside.
21. For the mixologist wannabe in all of us.
22. An adorable addition to any bar cart!
23. These mercury candleholders come in several pastel shades so you can mix and match any color scheme.
24. You can never have too many cheeky kitchen towels.
25. Add in a few instax of you and your gals and you'll have a mini trip down memory lane.

See? You can get some pretty great things for not a lot of dough, but your pals will feel like a million bucks! We won't tell anyone if you grab a few things for yourself as well... Hope you got a few ideas to keep your holiday budget on track!


Persimmon Aperol Spritz (via  Aperol spritz is a classic cocktail made of sparkling wine, Aperol, and club soda or seltzer usually. And last year I found that if you order one in certain countries, it's simply called a "spritz". So don't get caught saying "Aperol spritz" and looking like a total dork. :)

There are quite a few things to love about this drink. First, can we all agree that it's simply gorgeous! Such a bold, beautiful orange shade from the Aperol. The second thing I love about this drink is it's quite light. It's often served as an aperitif (before dinner drink... so, yes please!). So it's not overly filling or sweet. In fact I would call it pleasingly bitter, which might sound weird to some, but try it and you'll see what I mean. 

Persimmon Aperol Spritz (via Here I've updated this classic drink with a seasonal flavor, persimmon. The syrup for this recipe is made with pureed persimmon, so it's quite thick and adds a little texture to your drink. It kind of reminds me of cocktails made with simple syrups that have been thickened with cornstarch or xanthan gum... kind of also bordering into sangria territory since it's essentially fruit soaking in wine. All of which sounds really good to me. :)

These are a fun and festive drink to serve if you are entertaining this season—so give it a try soon!

Persimmon shrubPersimmon Aperol Spritz, makes one

6 oz. Prosecco or other sparkling white wine
1.5 oz. (one shot) Aperol
1 tablespoon persimmon syrup (recipe follows)
a splash of club soda
persimmon slices and thyme or rosemary to garnish

In a wine glass combine the wine, Aperol, and persimmon syrup. Give that a good stir to combine. Then add ice to the glass along with a splash of club soda. Garnish with a fresh cut wedge of persimmon and a sprig of thyme or rosemary and serve.

Persimmon Aperol Spritz (via syrup, makes about 1 cup

1 persimmon (about 5-6 oz.)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Slice off the top of the persimmon, removing any leaves or stem. Peel off the skin and cut into cubes. Combine in a small pot with the sugar and water and cook over high heat until the mixture boils. Then turn the heat down and simmer for 20 minutes until the fruit is very soft. Puree in a blender or food processor. Allow to cool before use. Store any unused syrup in an air tight jar or container in the refrigerator for up to a week. 

Make yourself a cocktail this week folks! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions

Elsie LarsonI've always read that you should invest your money into staple pieces you'll wear for years to come. BUT HOW? 

No really, HOW? 

I truly do not understand how that works. How can you buy a pair of jeans or a jacket that you know for sure you'll love and wear in ten years? Anything in my closet that I have that's that old is extremely sentimental. 

I don't get it. But that's OK. (Feel free to try to educate me in the comments if you know the secret!) 

That said, I am kind of loving my routine of cleaning out (one part Kon Mari, one part IG closet sale) my closet in big hauls and attempting to create my version of a capsule wardrobe (not a fan of limiting it to 30-something pieces, but a HUGE FAN of collecting things that mix and match).

It's kind of my hobby right now. If you guys know any fun, secret (online) shopping places that you think I would like, please share in the comments!!! 

Elsie Larson
Elsie Larson
Elsie Larson
Elsie Larson
Elsie Larson Elsie's Wearing: Dress/Everly (similar), Jacket/F21 (similar), Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens, Necklace/Madewell, Bucket Bag/Oui Fresh

What do you think, sister?

Emma Chapman Crochet cardiganCrochet cardigan Emma Chapman
I don't know if I'm particularly good at investing in "classics" either, but I do value a pair of jeans that truly fits well, or a pair of shoes that you wear so much they eventually wear out. That I get! I guess to me, it feels like the point should be to spend your money on things that you will actually wear. And not just something cute but random or cute but doesn't really flatter your shape, and then it just sits in your closet and eventually you sell or donate it. 

But I do kind of think our personal styles are (or should be) as diverse as our personalities. So, what might be a good investment for me, might not be such a good investment for others. I know lots of friends who would not be caught dead in this crochet cardigan, but I've had it for years and I still LOVE it. I can definitely see myself wearing this as a grandma someday too—it's gonna have a long life with me. :)

Bow tightsEmma Chapman  Crochet cardigan  Emma Chapman    Emma's Wearing: Cardigan/vintage, Brunch Club tee/Oui Fresh, Skirt/F21 (similar), Tights and hat/Target, Boots/Doc Martens, Purse/Zara (similar).

What in your closet do you consider a classic? What have been some of the best (wardrobe) investments for you? xo. Elsie + Emma

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

Bath Salts Whether you believe it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching! So I can't wait to share this simple bath salt DIY with you. It's a perfect gift for friends, coworkers and family. You could also host your own spa night and make these with friends! I'm always looking for an excuse to get friends together. I love that you can really make these bath salts special by customizing your essential oil blends and packaging them up beautifully. Not only will they be an excuse for some relaxing "me time", but they will look stunning in your bathroom. Useful and decorative? I'm a sucker for multipurpose products. ;)

Bath SaltsSupplies:
-essential oils
-pink Himalayan salt
-Bokek Dead Sea Salt
-glass jars
-wooden scoops
-pretty labels

For this DIY I created three bath salt recipes. One to energize and invigorate, another to help you feel cozy and relaxed, and finally one to give you lovely happy feelings. :) To make your infused bath salts...

Bath Salts DIY Step One: Start by measuring your salt by pouring it into the jar you plan on storing it in. Fill to the top. I used 12oz paragon jars. Once measured, pour your salt into a small mixing bowl. 

Step Two: Add your combination of essential oils and mix together with a spoon thoroughly. 

Step Three: Pour your infused salt back into your jar! I found using a funnel during this step really cut down on the mess!

Bath Salts DIYBath Salts          Step Four: Add a beautiful label to your jar to add an extra special touch. I'm obsessed with the labels from Whimsy and Wellness. Tie a scoop with a pretty ribbon around it to make your gift ready for giving.

Guys, that is seriously all! So easy right?

Bath Salts
To use your bath salts, draw a hot bath and add 1-2 scoops. Soak and take in the beautiful aromas. Maybe add in a candle, a good book and some background music to make it the "me time" night you've been dreaming of! ;) 

Here are my favorite infused recipes...

Bath Salts   Invigorate:
For this recipe I used
-pink Himalayan salt
-6 drops of Wild Orange
-6 drops of Grapefruit
-1 drop of Lemongrass 

Bath Salts    Serene:
-I used Bokek Dead Sea Salt since it's known for softening the skin and relaxing the muscles!
-10 drops of Lavender
-3 drops of Eucalyptus

Bath Salts  Affection:
-I also used Bokek Dead Sea Salt for this recipe
-7 drops of Ylang Ylang
-2 drops of Cinnamon
-1 drop of Jasmine 

Bath Salts      Bath Salts     Homemade gifts are usually the best gifts. :) Enjoy, friends! Lots of love, Sav.

Credits//Author + Photography: Savannah Wallace. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions 


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