Beet and ginger juice- YUM! (click through for recipe)  One thing I have been loving lately is having a more consistent regimen of fresh juice in the morning. It's such a great way to start the day, and it feels good to know that you already got a giant dose of fruits and veggies in your system. It's been amazing to be near so many more fresh juice spots here in Nashville. So I've been taking advantage of that perk whenever I can as well. I had an amazing beet juice the other day, and it got me thinking that I should switch out my usual green juice in the morning for a beet-based juice every now and then to shake things up a bit. Beets can be a little messy to work with since they stain clothing and skin so easily, but they are so good (and good for you!) that it's worth the risk! And in case you're wondering, this juice doesn't really have anything to do with The Go-Go's, puns just make me laugh...

Beet and ginger juice- YUM! (click through for recipe)  We Got the Beet Juice, serves 2.

2 peeled beets
2 carrots
1 orange (rind removed)
1 apple
3 sticks of celery
1" ginger root

Beet and ginger juice- YUM! (click through for recipe) Prepare all your juice items and cut the bigger items into sizes that are small enough to fit into the opening of your juicer (I usually have to cut the beets and large apples into quarters). One thing I would totally recommend is to prepare all your ingredients the night before you prepare the juice. The prep work of juicing is definitely the most time consuming, so it's great to already have everything peeled/cut in a container in the fridge so you can get right to juicing in the morning. Also, some people like to keep certain skins on fruit and veggies for the nutrients in the skin, so feel free to leave on or take off whichever skins you want. I usually peel citrus fruits since the rinds make the juice really bitter, and the skin of the beet really adds to the earthy taste, so I usually remove those.

You'll notice I'm wearing gloves when handling the beets. They stain so easily, so it's a good way to avoid contact and you can clean all the beet juice off of things without worrying about it. Definitely be careful if you have light countertops that stain. Use a really big cutting board to avoid juice stains.

Beet and ginger juice- YUM! (click through for recipe) Beet and ginger juice- YUM! (click through for recipe) How beautiful is that juice?? I love the bright pink foam on the top as well. This juice is hearty enough to keep you full for a while, but light enough to be perfect for a morning drink. As always with juice, you can vary the taste easily by adding more or less of any one ingredient, but it's always amusing to me how different even the same exact recipe can taste just based on the particular crop of veggies you use. Think you're ready for a new tasty, healthy, morning routine?? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Subway Tile Designs Inspiration via A Beautiful MessIt's no secret that we LOVE subway tile here at ABM. It's fresh, inexpensive and classic. In the past I have stuck with a traditional offset pattern for all of my subway tile. But recently, as I've been renovating my new home, I've gone a different route by mixing up the patterns throughout the home. It's been a fun way to add a little personality to my basic, white tiled spaces. 

Black and white herringbone tile inspirationIf I had to pinpoint the moment that I actually fell in love with subway tile, I would say it was this moment. Emma and Laura had the vision for this special floor in our Habitat for Humanity house, and it turned out to be my favorite detail. It's so bold, but also not insane. Right? I wish you could have seen it in person! 

Anyway—today I'm excited to share a guide of some of my favorite patterns for laying subway tile! 

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? 1- crosshatchCrosshatch

Since I couldn't find a good example image for this one, I'm thinking maybe I should do it in my own home. I really love this pattern and I haven't picked the pattern for my master bathroom yet (yep—it's still gutted). 

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? 2- stack bondStack bond subway tileStack Bond

I love the clean lines. So fresh and modern! I chose this look for our guest bathroom. I wanted something super clean and simple. I'm planning to pair it with a lot of texture, brass elements and pops of color. 

Photo via La Maison d'Anna G

3-traditional-herringboneHerringbone subway tileTraditional Herringbone 

One of the prettiest subway tile patterns, in my opinion! It reminds me of a cool Paris apartment.

Image via HGTV

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? 4 running bond running bond subway tileRunning Bond

I chose this pattern for the shower in one of our bathrooms. It turned out really great. It's like the traditional offset pattern, just flipped on its side. This pattern can make a space appear taller. 

Image via WS Workshop

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? -straight-herringboneStraight HerringboneStraight Herringbone

My personal favorite herringbone variation. I chose this pattern for our kitchen backsplash, which is being installed right now! (Augh! The anticipation is killing me!) I think of it as a geometric version of herringbone. 

Image via Smitten Studio

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? 6- diagonal herringboneDiagonal HerringboneDiagonal Herringbone

Another take on herringbone. It's rad how the smallest variations create a totally fresh, unique pattern. I'm a big fan of all the vertical options. 

Image via Remodelista.  

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? 7- offsetOffset subway tile Offset

The most traditional pattern for subway tile. I will say, this is the safest choice if you are flipping a house or remodeling with resale in mind. It's also the most classic and less noticeable if you want to save the show-stopper moment for other elements in your space. 

Personally, I think I would also choose this traditional pattern if I was doing a bold colored subway tile. I like that mix of classic and fun. If I did a rainbow subway wall, for example, I'd choose classic offset. 

Image via Blood And Champagne

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? 8- diagonal offset

Diagonal OffsetDiagonal Offset 

One of my favorite patterns because it's so uncommon. I chose this for the backsplash in a bathroom, but it looks a lot more subtle than this example because it's white tile with white grout. I love it with the black tile, so bold! 

Image via Home Designing. 

What's your favorite subway tile pattern? 9- vertical stack bondVertical Stack BondVertical Stack Bond 

Again, I'm a huge fan of the clean lines here. It reads much more modern than a traditional pattern. Very cool!

Image via Lotta Agaton

What's your favorite subway tile pattern?  10- vertical offset bond

Vertical Offset Bond 

Another fun vertical variation. 

If you're curious about cost, here's a couple things I've learned: 

Buying the tile/

Subway tile is very budget friendly! In my original plans for our new home, I had a lot of marble and specialty tile planned for bathrooms and the kitchen. But when other areas of our budget started running over (insert frightened emoji here), I switched most of the tile to subway tile and saved over eight thousand dollars just with that one swap (party horn emoji?). I sourced it all over Nashville in both big box stores and local stores to get the best possible deal, which shaved off another couple thousand dollars since the volume I needed was pretty high. Always ask for bulk discounts. I saved hundreds one day because the store was running a tax-free weekend sale. 

In total, I saved over ten thousand dollars by choosing subway tile! 

(( High fives! ))


Every contractor is super different on how they price the installation. But both of the contractors I ended up using to install my subway tile did not charge extra to do special patterns. Some patterns require more cuts and some don't. So don't be afraid to ask! It's not necessarily going to be more expensive than the traditional pattern, and even if it is, it may be more minor than you think. 

Oh, and by the way, I know a lot of blogs out there have taught how to DIY tile installation. So if you're brave, there are a lot of good resources! For me, personally, it's worth every penny to have it installed by a professional because tile is expensive to undo and I just don't feel up to that risk. So, get a few quotes and see what you think, but I recommend hiring a professional for installation. 

Subway tileImage via StyleCaster.

As you can see, there are tons of really fun possibilities for how you lay subway tile. It doesn't have to be traditional. It can be super creative. And I love that you don't have to spend crazy money to have tile in your home that is custom and special! 

Have fun with it. xx- Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Graphic Design: Mandi Johnson. Images credited throughout. 

12333Hey, friends! I'm super excited to announce that this Wednesday, September 16th, Laura and I will be hosting the one-year anniversary party for Madewell Green Hills in Nashville! We'll be hanging out from 6-8 pm with drinks, snacks and music by Sucre! 

View the Facebook invite here. Hope you can come!! xx- Elsie 

Scrapbook Sunday-Three quick pages when you don't have a lot of time. Details on www.ABeautifulMess.comThis week's Scrapbook Sunday goes out to all the busy ladies, all the busy ladies, all the busy ladies (put your hands up!) who always have longer to-do lists than hours in a day. Yeah, yeah, Beyonce has 24 hours, too. I bet if the Queen Bey wanted to scrapbook, she'd make it happen.

Sometimes I want to document a special set of photos or even just an important afternoon from the previous week, but I only have one small window of opportunity to do it. Instead of putting a lot of pressure on myself to reinvent the wheel, I just keep it simple and utilize some of my favorite tools and techniques. This week I chose to skip the photo pockets and use card stock as my base. I stuck with photos from my Instagram feed that I just printed at home and gathered a few embellishments in similar colors to keep things from looking too slapped on.

ScrapbookSundayBirthdayMy first page has a few photos from my 34th birthday last week, two colorful photos from a big project I'm working on, and some thoughts on my 34th year of life. I mimicked the grid look of some of my other photo pocket pages with the square photos, but then switched out two of the spots for a little more journaling space. I used one of Life Love Paper's postcards as my background because it had a subtle enough pattern to both add color but also write on. Then I added a few stamps and a banner from previous Messy Box kits.

ScrapbookSunday2SmithScrapbookSunday1This page was pretty simple to crank out, but it did take some concentration. I used the alpha stamp set and an acrylic block from the A Beautiful Mess shop and repeated Smith's name all over the page. I knew I was going to be highlighting one small photo, so this was a way to fill the page with a graphic look without distracting from the photo. I left a space blank for a journaling spot and then added some stickers to the photo. It's from a fun afternoon we had at the school playground that I didn't want to forget.

SmithScrapbookSunday2StudioVibesScrapbookSundayThis page was more of a reminder of my creative process these days as I work through more projects than I ever have before. It's been a way to remind myself to take things one at a time when I get overwhelmed, and a reminder that I'm pretty lucky to get to work on so many projects I love. I used card stock as my base and then cut up part of the packaging from one of the messy box kits as my second layer. Then I just went vertical with my photo, text, journaling spot and handwriting. It was the quickest page of the three. Sometimes lists are the best way to share information when you don't want to get too wordy.

ScrapbookSundayStudioVibes1ScrapbookSunday1So, my three different pages were pretty simple, but I'm also happy with how they turned out. They highlight three different memories I wanted to get into my album, they kind of color-coordinate, and they still look finished. I think part of the success of this is having plenty of papers and embellishments that work well together but also tools that are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. What are your go-to techniques for getting scrapbook pages filled quickly?  -Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Autumn activitiesIt's beginning to really feel like autumn and we could not be more excited! Every season we like to make a list filled with fun things or little traditions we want to do before the season passes us by. If you're the same, here's a few fun ideas to add to your list. 

Crockpot mac and cheese1. Get out your crockpot! 

I love cooking with my crockpot (sometimes called a slow cooker). It's easy and the smell of a warm soup or whatever I'm making will fill up the whole house. Yum! One of my favorites: garlic macaroni and cheese

Learn to weave2. Why not learn to weave?!

When the weather starts to cool down, I start to take on my indoor activities so I don't spend every night watching TV or movies with nothing to show for it. Thinking about taking up weaving (which you could do while watching of both worlds?). We love Rachel's series of tutorials that takes you from beginner to making large-size weavings. 

Lunch salads3. Up your weekday lunch game.

This season is all about the treats like sugary lattes and yummy baked goods. So to balance all that out, I think a great goal would be to up my weekday lunch game to include all sorts of nutritious salads. We love Laura's post about making all the salads you need for a week in one day. 

Sew your own mittens4. Sew your own mittens!

This is a great way to upcycle a sweater you may have shrunk, and it could also make a great little homemade gift for a friend. Too cute!

Pie cookies5. Bake cookies. Duh.

It's time to turn those ovens on now that the air conditioner is probably taking its winter break. Might we suggest pie crust cookies, sugar cookies, or you could try baking a skillet cookie

Learn to croquet6. Learn to crochet. 

This is another great activity for movie watching or when you have a long journey to visit family for the holidays (we're talking plane, train or bus here—no driving and crocheting!). Holly has a series of tutorials to take you from the basics to making your own granny square blanket and everything in between. And it's got videos—which makes it even easier to learn (plus it's all free on our site!).

Vegetarian chili7. Make chili.

To me, chili is the perfect autumn food. As soon as the weather changes, I'm immediately in the mood to make a big pot of chili! If you're the same and you like vegetarian chili, check out this recipe or these ones

Sew an apron8. Sew something (maybe an apron?)

It can be really satisfying learning something new, or just making a project goal and watching it come to life. If you're thinking about making some sewing goals for yourself this season, might we suggest: sewing your own apron (or gifting it to a friend), stitch your own tulle circle skirt, or make your own fabric hobo bag

Sweet potato fries9. Bake something with sweet potatoes!

You could make these delicious fries or bake a pie, just get into this season's flavors with whatever you enjoy!

Take up scrapbooking10. Get into scrapbooking!

Maybe you are a seasoned pro and you just want to make a goal to finish up your album(s) for the year. Or maybe you've never made much of an effort to print and save the photos from your life—now's the time! We have tons of fun (and free) tutorials to help you get started, or if you're looking for a set challenge, check out our scrapbooking based eCourses

Soup11. Make some soup. 

This one has got to go on the list! Warm, hearty, and often super healthy—be sure to make some soup this season. If you don't know what to try first, check here

Make a beanie12. Make your own stocking hat.

We practically live in these when the weather gets extra cold, or if we just don't feel like doing our hair that day. :) Learn to make your own from an old sweater, and don't forget the pom pom!

Hope you all are as excited for this season as we are!!!!! xo. Emma + The ABM team


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