How to make faux stained glass (via How to make faux stained glass (via this year Mandi created a really beautiful faux stained glass panel for her kitchen window. I just loved the effect and have wanted to create some kind of stained glass project myself ever since. 

Cactus garden from faux stained glass (via I decided what I would really love is some kind of collection. I finally landed on trying to create my own little cactus garden with glass bottles. I can place the bottles in window sills or fill them with little led lights for pretty effect. I plan to display these mainly as a centerpiece for my dinning room table. And the best part? I don't ever have to water this little "garden", which is perfect for me. :)

Supplies for faux stained glassSupplies: 
-Gallery Glass window color in 3 shades of green, yellow, and pink
-Gallery Glass Simulated Liquid Leading
-clean glass bottles (you can buy these or reuse ones you have)
-scrap paper and a marker

I purchased my bottles new (on sale), so that added to my overall cost which was $35 for this entire project. You could cut that down if you reuse bottles or glass objects you already have, or you could thrift them over time. 

How to (faux) stain glass Step One: Draw your design onto scrap paper and cut them out. I created three different cactus shapes for mine. If you are comfortable free-handing, you may be able to skip this step. But I don't feel that sure of my doodling skills. Once your design is cut out, tape it to the outside of your bottle and trace around the edges with a thin black marker. This is an outline for you to follow once you start using the liquid leading. If your bottles have a larger opening (like a mason jar), you could place your paper inside the glass and use that as a guide instead, but my bottles didn't allow for this.

Step Two: Trace your design with the liquid leading. I found that placing a towel under my bottle as I worked helped me keep it steady (so that it wouldn't roll). If you have some liquid leading go astray, you can easily wipe it off before it dries. The liquid leading I used is water-based (containing no lead), so you can easily wash the liquid off your hands if needed. Allow the liquid leading to fully dry (2-3 hours) before beginning the next step. 

How to (faux) stain glassStep Three: Fill the inside of your design with the window color. You can use the tip of the bottle to easily push the liquid so it flows into place. For small corners you can use a toothpick to move the liquid too. I did a small "practice leaf" on a separate junk bottle before I began so I felt comfortable working with both these liquids as they flow a little differently than each other. But remember, if you make a mistake, you can easily wipe the mixture off before it dries and you'll be OK. The window color is a bit fume-y, so be sure to work in a well-ventilated space. Allow the color to fully dry (another 2-3 hours) before moving or displaying your bottles.

Cactus garden from faux stained glass (via  Once dry you can display your handiwork or gift to a friend. Enjoy your new faux stained glass pieces! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Untitled-1This week I spent a little time playing with the June Messy Box. It was so much fun! Basically everything you see here besides the Monroe photo sleeves (they'll be back in stock soon) is from the June Box. 

I made a couple pages with recent (mostly Instagram) photos. I feel like with the busy season (getting ready to move, lots of projects, etc.), the best thing for me to do is just keep it VERY simple and make some pages about life right now. 

Above I mixed some of our 3x3 cards with random photos of happy times recently. 

HiI really love the little mix and match sticker sheet that comes in this month's Messy Box. I am using those everywhere! And the little chipboard stickers are adorable. 

I promised in the unboxing video that I'd show you how to use the screens that come in this month's box. They are REALLY fun and you can use them over and over! Here's how—

1It's like a giant mesh sticker, so just peel it off. 

2Stick it to whatever surface you want to print on (I used a 4x6 card from the Messy Box).

3Add some acrylic paint to the edge of the screen.

4Then swipe it with an old gift card or a piece of cardboard or plastic till the paint completely covers the surface of the screen. 

5Next, peel the sticker off, rinse it with water and wipe with a paper towel before sticking it back on the sheet it came on. 

6Ta-da! It's so cute. This paint is extremely light body, but you can use any acrylic paint (or even fabric paint–woo hoo!) with these screens. (Let's make t-shirts next!) 

Subscribe to Messy Box here for fun scrapbooking goodies delivered to your mailbox every month. 

Happy Sunday, you guys! xx. Else 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Elsie Larson and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

Scrapbook in a Week stamp setJust wanted to share a few kind words and photos from a recent Scrapbook in a Week student, Lauren. Check out the album she completed from the course:

Thailand by Lauren 05Thailand by Lauren 03Thailand by Lauren 02Thailand by Lauren 01You can see more peeks from her album on her blog. Lauren shared these with us via email and said, "I just wanted to say thanks so much for your amazing new class, Scrapbook in a Week! I just completed a HUGE album using your system and it went so well. It was just the plan and inspiration I needed to do my Thailand scrapbook."

Thanks so much for sharing, Lauren! If you want to learn more about our latest e-Course, Scrapbook in a Week, click here. And in case you're curious—yes, we still have some stamp sets available (with course purchase), but don't wait too long. Happy Saturday! - The ABM team

We bought a building!Tile outside the buildingI have something to share with you all today that I've been dying to talk about for about six months. (We sort of let the beans spill a few times already, but here's the "real" announcement.) Trey and I, along with our partners, Josh and Rogan, are going to open a bar this year!!!! Crazy, right?! I honestly can hardly believe it myself. We just closed on our building, and I've been pinching myself, because I can hardly believe it's true. 

My two biggest passions in life (outside of my family and dogs, of course) are small businesses and food (followed closely by home design and decor). Years ago, back when Elsie and I first started blogging together because we had a lot of free time during the week while we worked in our local vintage store, I also ran a small cupcake side business. I stocked our local shop with treats everyday of the week and I also catered weddings on the weekends sometimes. I love that part of my day to day job still includes getting to play around in the kitchen, and I could not be more excited to expand on my passions by collaborating on our next big project: opening a bar! 

Emma at the Red Velvet sweet shopRed velvet sweet shop
Images from: Float Away Studios

Initially Elsie and I had discussed starting a bar of some kind together. But then when her plans changed to include moving to Nashville, it just didn't feel like the right time for the particular idea we had in mind. Maybe in a few years? But we already had a great relationship with Josh, one of the owners of our current favorite local bar (Scotch & Soda). So when Trey and I started looking at commercial properties in our downtown area, initially just as a real estate investment goal, we got addicted to the dream of filling that space with a bar we could call our own. So we told Josh. And he, along with Rogan, pitched a rum bar idea to us. We loved it! We collaborated to make it into a concept we were all excited about, and then the business plans started to develop. Things have been rolling along ever since, and we just closed on the property and will soon begin some renovations that will need to take place before we can open.

What will the bar be like? 

Bar mood boardWe want to create a modern and open feeling atmosphere with a few nods to tiki vibes. :) We want to incorporate a lot of white, wood, gold, neutrals and pineapples. There have been talks of neon signs and a photo booth...but we'll see. :) Rogan is working on our logo now and it features a pineapple, so that's awesome. (!!!!) 

Collage Image Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Do you want to see the actual bar (not the building, but the bar top)? Check it out:

Our bar top! Our bar top!This is not a DIY. Well, not my DIY. Josh's grandfather actually made it from scratch, and it's even more beautiful in real life—as clearly these behind-the-scenes photos can't do it justice. We're just housing it in our workshop until it can be installed in its new home. 

Do you have a name yet?

Yes. We're calling it The Golden Girl Rum Club, named for an awesome rum cocktail. I think we went through about 100 names before we landed on this one. So if you hate it, please don't tell me. :)

Does this mean you won't be working at A Beautiful Mess anymore?

Oh goodness, no! ABM is my main squeeze. I LOVE my job and have no plans to stop doing what I'm doing until the Internet breaks and Elsie and I are forced out. :) My "day job" won't be changing. But I will be one of four owners of the bar, and so of course I will have some responsibilities there. I am really excited about working on menu development and the interior design in the coming months. Trey and I will also likely be very involved in many of the marketing aspects of the project. And I'll get to learn firsthand a whole lot about day to day operations from our partners, who certainly have more experience than me (x100). Which I am SO excited about—bring on the learning!

Bottom line: I am SUPER excited about this project and plan to be involved, but my current gig won't be changing at all. My life is just expanding to include another dream now, and I could not feel more lucky.

New dream-starting a bar(What am I doing in this photo? I don't know...)

I can't wait to share more with you as this dream becomes a reality! Also, if there are any bar or restaurant owners reading who want to tell us about your story or share some advice, I'm all ears. XX. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Elsie Larson. Other images credited/linked throughout.

Elsie's Empty House Tour (the BEFORE)Hey, guys! I am SO EXCITED to share today's video. A few weeks ago we closed on our future home in Nashville, Tennessee. The first thing we did (well, after we went to switch the utilities over—haha!) was go into the house and film a video for you of all the empty rooms. 

The next day we began the process of painting, pulling up carpet and turning it into a disaster zone. The next time you see these rooms they will look VERY different. I've never made a before tour before, but I'm already SO happy we did. I feel like we immortalized a very special thing because, already, it looks so different! I have a feeling this video will be even more fun to watch back in a year or two as our home gets decorated and lived in. 

A little history about the home—it was built in the 1970s and had only had one owner before us. A doctor and his wife built it, raised their family, and have now moved to another state to be closer to their children. The decor was pretty preserved from the seventies and eighties, and while a lot of it was not our style, we loved the way they had it decorated. The house is full of custom details with the prettiest sun porch I have ever seen, beautiful moulding on all the doors and (HOORAY) hardwood under ALL the carpet.

We almost didn't look at this house because I had my heart set on another one. But we decided that since we were driving eight hours for one day of house shopping, we might as well see as many as possible. When we stepped inside, I instantly knew it was a special house, not to mention an incredible makeover waiting to be made. The next day we viewed it a second time with Todd and Laura and they assured us that it was the right space to start the next chapter of our life together and run our two businesses. We made an offer the next day! 

Anyway—I'm rambling, aren't I? Here's the empty house tour!

Thanks so much for watching! Did you guys get enough of that carpet? Isn't the living room pretty? Do you think we're crazy to take on that studio renovation? I hope you feel included on our new adventure. I'm so happy to share it with you and can't wait to share more in the coming months! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Video and Music: Jeremy Larson. 


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